Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 8 - CHAPTER 8

Angie sat in her little cell, hating the situation she was in, wondering how much longer she would be alive. She heard a sort of hissing sound and turned to where the sound was coming from. A line was slowly appearing in the back wall! A square was soon cut out of the wall. Oh my god, is it really.... Angie couldn't freaking believe it! Mouse and Chris emerged from the newly cut hole! "Chris!!" Angie nearly shrieked with excitement. "Angie!" He ran up to her and she hugged him hard. "Oh my god, are you okay?" Angie asked him.
Chris laughed a hollow laugh, "Me? Are you kidding? You're alive! Ange, I thought...." Angie noticed Mouse, who was standing in the corner, looking kind of annoyed that she hadn't rushed up to her and hollered, "OH MY GOSH MY YOU SAVED ME! HOW CAN I EVER REPAY YOU? YAY!" 
Angie laughed a little bit, tears were welling up in her eyes. "Mouse, I..." Angie was smiling her little heart out. "Mouse, Chris... I just can't believe you're really here!"
Mouse cleared her throat, "I'm sorry to wreck the touching moment, but we need to find Leo."
Angie smiled, "No prob'. He's right in the next room."
"Well, that's convenient." Chris said.
Mouse took out a weird pen thing and cut a hole in the wall leading to Leo's cell. Leo was sitting in a ball in the corner of the room, his head down. Angie walked over to him and bent down. "Can I give you a hand?"
Leo slowly looked up, his jaw dropping slightly, "A-Angela! How...." She held a finger to his lips, "Someone came to see you." Angie stepped out of his line of vision, revealing Mouse and Chris, standing at the other end of the room. Leo's eyes lit up, "Mouse...." he whispered. Mouse was actually getting teary-eyed, she held out her arms and Leo ran up and gave her a hug. Chris joined Angie at her end of the room. "Well, well, well." he said, "Leo and Mouse hugging, there's a sight that only comes once in a lifetime." Angie nodded.
Chris looked at her, "So, what happened while we were gone?" Angie suddenly remembered what Leo had said to her; I love you Angela Harper. She grimaced a little and shook it off. "N-not much. Not much at all." Chris grinned at her. 
"And what about you?" She asked him. Chris's eyes got a little wider, as if remembering something and then he just sighed, looking at Mouse tiredly. "Nope, you didn't miss much either."
"What, did you kiss her?"
"Ah! Gross, Angela! Are you trying to make me vomit?"
Angie laughed, "Nope, just pushing your buttons." She slung her arm over Chris's shoulder, Chris looking very annoyed. "Enough of that," he said, "let's gather them up and get the hell out of here." 
Angie nodded, "Good plan." She walked over to Mouse and said, "Hey, we need to get out of here." Mouse nodded. Leo stepped up, "But, first, Angela."
Angie smiled coyly and ran up to Leo. Mouse and Chris's jaws dropped, their eyes widened. Chris leaned over and whispered to Mouse "Oh... my.... god. What the hell? I mean-" Mouse started giggling and she snorted, soon enough she burst out laughing. "Oh come on, Mouse! You are so immature!" Chris cried. Mouse laughed and put a hand on his shoulder, "As if... you're..... more... mature... than me!" She laughed so hard at the fact Leo and Angela were now making out right in front of her that Chris thought she might explode. Chris started laughing hard. "It- it just doesn't make sense!" Chris laughed, "I know Angie, she thinks Leo's disgusting!" Leo and Angie broke apart. "What?" Leo questioned. Angie turned his head so he would look at her, "Don't listen to them, Honey." 
Then, Leo heard Mouse's voice again. "Leo? Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Leeeeooooo?" But her voice sounded far away. What the- Leo thought, but he didn't get to finish pondering this, for suddenly, the walls of the jail cell broke and huge waves of water came in, trapping them all underneath the new Sea. Leo couldn't breath, he couldn't think. What was going on? "No! Nooooo!!!!!"
"WHAT????" Leo bolted upright, breathing heavily. His black hair and his shirt were completely drenched and Mouse was standing in front of him, holding a glass cup upside-down, looking at him like he was crazy. Leo frantically looked around, he was so confused. "Angela! Angela! Where is she? Where did you go? Angela?! Chris? Chris! He was right there-" 
"LEO!" Mouse grabbed Leo's face, making him look her in the eyes, "Leo.... what the hell are you talking about?" She said very slowly. She let go of Leo and he looked around the room, his Study Hall. Almost everyone had left, but about seven or eight kids still remained, staring holes into him. "B-but..... Angie.... s-she was there and.... and....." Mouse looked at Leo like she was trying to remember the number of the town's best Psychiatrist. Leo looked back at her, a weird, wild look in his eyes, "And Chris! He was wearing a unitard!" Some of their classmates giggled. "A-and so were you!" He pointed a finger at Mouse, she drew back a little bit. "And Angie! Oh, Angela.... she was so...."
Mouse sighed, "Leo, let's go to Lunch, okay?" Leo looked at her stupidly, "Uh, yeah... yeah...
Mouse and Leo passed Chris and I in the hall. Leo leaned over to me, "Call me!" he whispered loudly. Mouse turned him away from us and made him keep walking. I turned to Chris, "What was that?" Chris shrugged, "I have no idea." We both blinked and slowly looked back at Leo and Mouse. Leo was chattering on to Michelle and making odd hand gestures, Michelle staring at him stupidly and nodding. Maybe this was a language she could understand.
At lunch, we got to hear Leo's whole story about how he was kidnapped by a team of Freaks and Mouse made us wear unitards and how Chris was extremely unattractive in one (Leo put extreme emphasis on this, Chris rolling his eyes). How the kidnappers kidnapped me and Mouse and Chris had to go to the hospital. How he and I were trapped in a huge prison. How Mouse and Chris came to save us, and then..... we paused at this part, his face reddening, all of us looking at him with confusion. How a huge wave came and drowned us all, Mouse snorted when he explained this, Leo scowling at her and wringing out his shirt. "Well," Alice gently patted Leo on the back, "That sounded like some dream."
Leo thrust his arms out dramatically, "But it was more than a dream! It was- amazing..." Leo turned his gaze to me and I leaned away from him a little. He stared at me for a second, Chris giggling, me staring at Leo (But in a different way, think more Why is he staring at me like that? What a creep! and the like). Mouse cleared her throat loudly and Leo sat back down, staring at his food.
At recess, Leo was jumping around like some mentally challenged ninja, while Chris, Alice, and I stood quite far away from him, wondering what on earth had gotten into him.

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