Sunday, December 13, 2009

cool With A "K". PART 4 - CHAPTER 2

The longer school dragged on, the more people I noticed that I hadn't before. There was this kid, Harold, for example. He was in my French class. I had always wondered why he often stared at me in French. I mean, I didn't even know him. Then I realized that it was probably because I was always falling asleep during French. One day, I decided to talk to Harold at lunch, you know, get to know him better. Chris said that he always saw Harold eating his lunch in the bathroom, so I thought it would be nice if I invited him to sit with us. I went up to him and smiled sweetly. "Hello." I said. He looked a little surprised. "Uh, hi." he said. What should I say next? Smile Angie, smile. I thought. "Hey, uh, would you like to sit with us? Um, me and my friends, that is." I asked. He looked embarrassed and glanced behind him. "Oh, sorry." he said, "I have to go sit with my friends." With that he turned and left rather quickly. Did I say something wrong?
I sat down by Chris at our table. "So, how'd it go?" he asked. "Not very well." I said, "He left."
"Oh, Angie, you have such a way with words. It's amazing you don't have a boyfriend." Leo said sarcastically.
"Shut it, Leo." I grumped.

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  1. amazing! HAROLD!!!! i think i might write some more, but this is really good!