Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 8 - CHAPTER 7

Mouse and Chris peered through the thick bushes. It was dark out and they were hiding behind a group of bushes, peering at a large building that went deep into the ground.
"I think this is it." Chris whispered. Mouse nodded, "Yeah, I would guess. The SUV is parked outside a mysterious looking building. Uh-huh, this is it." Without another word, she started creeping through the bushes, slowly edging towards the building. Chris stood in the bushes for a second more before following her. "Well, you don't need to be harsh." he mumbled.
They crouched next to the building, peeping around the edge of it. Chris groaned, "Guards, of course. Big ones, too." 
Mouse grinned, "Not a problem." 
Chris eyed her curiously, "What do you have in mind?" Mouse opened a pocket in her belt and pulled out a movie-type grappling hook. Chris looked confused for a second, but then he smiled, "What's next? Do you have an inflatable life raft in that belt of yours too?"
"Two. You have the parachutes." Mouse said casually, keeping her eyes on the grappling hook she was holding. 
"What?" Chris said.
"Um, I think it's yours." Mouse quickly grabbed Chris's collar and checked the number on the back. "Yep. You have the parachutes." 
Chris now felt that he required no further explanation and focused his attention on the grappling hook. "So, what are we going to do? Throw the thing onto the windowsill up there, you pull us up, take out a crowbar and brake open the window and we get inside?"
"No, silly. Before we do all that I have to kill the security system." Mouse said. Chris was officially stumped. "Now that's just annoying." he said as Mouse took out a box of small tools and cracked open a box of wires on the side of the building. Mouse started to clip a latch that was connected to the string of the grappling hook onto Chris's belt. "Hey!" he said, "I can do it myself."
Mouse looked up at him innocently, "Of course you can, Pumpkin." she squeezed his cheeks and he pulled away, trying to clip the latch onto his belt, but failing. "Here, I'll do it, you baby." "Hey! No!" Chris growled. Mouse looked a little offended, "What? Am I offending you? Is this too suggestive for your childish mind? Come on! I'm a girl, you're a gay guy, this shouldn't bother you." She clipped the latch onto his belt. Chris scowled, "Why do you keep saying that stuff? I have feelings too."
Mouse looked at him calmly, clipping a latch onto her own belt. "What? Are you claiming that you're not gay? Because I won't believe you."
"Well, no but- Just stop Mouse! I know what you're doing!" Chris said. She really knew how to get under his skin.
"Is that so?" Mouse grinned.
"Yes! You're trying to get me to say it! You know, but you just want to hear me say it. You're just doing it to bug me!" Chris hissed at her. 
Mouse smiled at him, "Oh, you've figured out my plan! Good job, Cookie. Do you want me to put a gold star on your chart tomorrow?"
Chris pushed Mouse, knocking her a little off balance, but she easily caught herself. "Ooh, what was that? You're not going to hurt me. You won't, because you can't. You don't have the nerve or the strength." Mouse put her face up close to Chris's. Chris was starting to get more angry now, "Oh Mouse! Don't think I can't beat the crap out of you!"
Mouse laughed loudly and patted Chris on the shoulder, "Good luck with that, Sugar." She bent back down and cut a thick blue wire in the power box on the building. She looked behind her, "Oh," she said, "Come on, let's go." Chris could've sworn that Mouse's hair was thicker and richer and longer than usual, but he didn't take it in as an important detail and shook it off. "Chris, put your arms around my neck." she said, a serious look on her face. Chris grimaced distastefully, but did what he was told when he saw her serious expression. Mouse pulled on the string of the grappling hook and began pulling them up higher and higher off the ground. Chris looked down nervously, "Uh, Mouse? D-do we have to do this? I-isn't there another way." 
"What is it, Chris? Is Mister Macho afraid of heights?" Mouse said.
"Very funny." Chris sighed, he was already getting quite tired of this rescue mission. They were soon perched on the windowsill near the top of the building. Mouse started busily shoving a miniature crowbar into the windowsill. "Chris, whatever you do, don't.... look.... down." He did, "HOLY HELL MOUSE!!!!! HOW HIGH UP ARE WE???? OH GOD! I JUST HAD TO LOOK DOWN!" he screeched.
Mouse chuckled, "I knew you would, that's why I said it." Chris scowled at her. The windowsill made a loud crack sound and Mouse pulled the glass out of the frame. "Come on." she whispered to Chris, crawling into the open window. "A-are you sure this is a good idea?" Chris worried, rethinking the risk of this plan. Mouse looked at him, "Oh, I suppose you're right, Chris. Let's just ditch this and leave Angie and Leo here and call it a day. Maybe we can pick up some ice cream on the way home."
Chris shook his head with frustration, hating Mouse's sarcasm, he climbed through the window after her.
It was cold and drafty in the building. Chris and Mouse were in a huge room with a high ceiling and the walls were covered in sheets of metal. "It's like a giant air duct..." Chris said, his voice echoed through the huge metal room. "Shh!" Mouse hushed him, "We have to be quiet, they can't know we're here."
Chris cocked his head, "Who....?"
Mouse rolled her eyes, "The kidnappers, Dumbass!" Chris scowled at her. They heard voices coming from what sounded like a long hallway behind the large metal door in the room. "Oh god, Chris!" Mouse whispered, "Were do we go???"
"I-I don't know!" Chris whimpered, "Are we gonna die? They're gonna kill us!" Tears filled Chris's eyes and Mouse rolled hers again. "God, Chris! You are such a baby! They're not going to kill us!"
Chris wiped his nose and they heard the voices again; a man and a woman. Chris and Mouse began frantically running around the huge room, in search of a hiding place. Mouse stopped running around like a maniac and pressed her ear against the metal wall. She knocked on it gently, Chris looked at her, totally confused.  Mouse shifted to another part of the wall and did it again. The voices were getting closer. 
"Mouse, what are you doing?" Chris hissed. 
"Shh." she instructed him. She knocked on the wall a few more times and to Chris's surprise, the last knock sounded different. Mouse's eyes lit up and she quickly took out what looked like a pen, but clearly wasn't, for she took off the cap and pointed it at the wall. A thin red beam shot out of it and began cutting through the steel wall. Chris cocked his head and watched with bewilderment. "A laser..." he whispered to himself.
Soon there was a large square shape cut out of the wall. It fell and Mouse caught it, gently setting it against the wall next to it. 
She climbed through the hole, "Come on, Chris!"
Chris looked behind him at the door nervously, "B-but... won't they see the hole?"
"I'll take care of that." Mouse whispered. Reluctantly, Chris did what he was told and climbed into the hole. This is so weird, it's like I'm in some cheesy spy movie.... Chris thought, wishing that he would just wake up from this dream and Angie would be back home...
Mouse sealed the metal square back into place and they crawled through the tunnel behind the wall. It was a truly odd sight; The tunnel was about eighteen inches wide and went on forever, the walls were covered in hundreds, probably thousands of different colored wires. There were thick wires hanging from the ceiling. 
They traveled through the tunnel for almost an hour before Mouse held up a hand to stop the possibility of Chris talking. "I hear something." she whispered.
"What?" Chris asked curiously, but a little bit afraid of what the answer could be.
Mouse took out the weird laser pen and started to cut a hole in the wall in front of her.

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