Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 6 - CHAPTER 2

I sat down at the lunch table. Once I sat down, Mouse asked, "So, is there anyone you like?" I groaned. "Well, not my brother if that's what you're asking." I was so sick and tired of all this stupid lovey mushy crap. "No, I don't." Mouse looked a little disappointed. "And you?" I asked. Mouse turned a little red but looked reasonably calm. "No one. I don't get 'crushes'." She claimed. I snorted. "Sure." I said. Leo had a girlfriend, Alice, well, we didn't think we should ask her, Jamie shook her head, and so we asked Chris, "What about you?" we asked. He blushed a little, which was more than I had expected. "Well...." he said quietly, kind of bashfully. We all leaned in closer. "C'mon, Chris! You can tell us!"
He looked around at us and then around the lunchroom. We all huddled down closer to the table. "Well," Chris said again. "There's this one...." 
"Come on, you're killing me Chris!" I laughed, "Just say it! Who?" He sighed and looked at us again, "I don't know if you would know him, his name is Jesse." Suddenly, Jamie burst out laughing. We all looked at her curiously. She tried to stop, "I'm sorry Chris, I just thought I heard you say, 'Jesse'."
"Yeah...." Chris nodded. When Jamie realized that he was serious, she tried to keep a straight face. "Oh." she was still giggling. I looked at her, "What's so funny?" I thought she knew he was gay. Maybe that wasn't it. 
Jamie laughed a little more, "I'm sorry, it's just that I know him!" Chris nodded. He was probably thinking that Jesse was Jamie's boyfriend, which was quite possible. After all, Chris was right that I had never met him, so I had no idea what he was like. Jamie's laughter finally slowed and she leaned in towards the table again. "So, Chris. What is it that you find so attractive about Jesse?"
"Well," Chris began shyly. "I don't know, he's cute. Not many of the girls go after him because they think he's stupid, but I like him. I dunno...." 
Jamie snorted again and I looked at her. She bit her lip and tried to keep quiet. "Well, he's all yours!" Jamie announced, grinning. Chris nodded and looked down shyly again.

Later in the hall, Jesse stopped Jamie. Jamie scowled. "What do you want?' she said through clenched teeth. Jesse smiled, "I just want your love, Sweetie." He tried to hug her, "Back off!" Jamie screeched and she punched him in the nose. Chris turned the corner right before this happened and what he saw was Jamie beating the crap out of Jesse. "Jamie! What the hell are you doing?" He ran up to them. Jesse's nose was bleeding. Chris wanted to help, but didn't know what to do. "Jamie, what the heck were you thinking?" Jamie was even more angry now. "What? You didn't see that?! He was totally in my space!" 
Chris shook his head and didn't listen to Jamie. Jamie's jaw dropped as Chris went to Jesse's aid. Jesse just looked confused. Chris escorted Jesse to the nurse. Chris glared at Jamie as they left.

At lunch, Chris sat down by us as usual. "Jamie, I can't believe you did that to poor Jesse!" he said instantly. Jamie clenched her teeth and said sharply, "I didn't start it! He tried to hug me!"
"And why is that so bad?" Chris exclaimed.
'Oh, if only you knew him-"
"Guys!" I interrupted. "What is going on? You guys never argue! What happened?"
Chris explained that Jamie had punched Jesse in the face for no apparent reason and she was lucky that she didn't break his nose! (he said this part with extreme enthusiasm) Jamie rolled her eyes and explained her side of the story. I thought about this. Of course I should side with my brother, right? And if Jamie's side of the story really happened, she overreacted, right?

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