Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool With A "K" Chapter One

..... for the last time; I have NO freaking idea why there is a cat in that drawer! Now leave me 
alon- beep beep beep what th- beep beep beep SMASH!!!! 
Bits and pieces of metal and plastic flew all over my room. The beeping stopped. 
Oh, my damn alarm clock again! Oh well, it was about two weeks old, so about time for a new one. 
I flopped off my bed and onto the carpeted floor. Ow. 
I put my hand on my bed and stood up, my honey-blonde long matted hair hanging in a think 
curtain in front of my face. 
I walked into the bathroom, the cold tile floor stinging my feet. I looked through my hair into the huge mirror on the bathroom wall. I decided it would be best if I 
brushed my hair today. I changed and brushed my teeth shuffled into the kitchen. 
I plopped down onto my seat and drove the nearest spoon into a bowl of pure white
vanilla yogurt. It was sweet and creamy and vanilla-ey. 
"'Morning," mom said. She was cooking eggs. Her dark brown hair was tucked into a faded 
yellow bandana. 
My brother, Chris, came into the kitchen. He was fully dressed and his short brown hair was 
combed neatly. Chris is fifteen, a year younger than me.
"Good morning, Angie." he said. 
"Hmm." I said, my mouth full of Wheaties.
Chris sat down at the table and announced, "I think I'm going to try out for the 
school musical this year."  
"That's great Chris!" Mom said, placing a plate of eggs in front of each of us. 
She was smiling at Chris. "What play is it again?"
"The Wizard Of Oz," I said, "So elementary, I know." 
Chris shot me a look. 
"Oh, that will be great!" Mom gushed. She kissed Chris's forehead. 
"Mom!" Chris complained. 
I snorted and then bowed my head so Chris couldn't see when he shot another glare at me. 
"Sorry," Mom said, "I suppose you're getting too old for that." 
No, Mom. He's only in high school, that's not too old at all. 
I thought sarcastically. 
Just then, Dad walked in, smoothing back his sandy-blonde hair. 
"Oh, Joe." Mom said when he came in, "Chris is going to audition for the Wizard Of Oz at 
Dad looked Chris up and down, as if thinking of a clever way to answer.
"Why?" He said eventually.
"Joe!" Mom scolded, "Don't discourage him!"
"You know what," Chris stood up and pushed in his chair, "It was just an idea, it's 
not for sure."
He looked at me, his blue-green eyes looked hurt, "Come on Ange, we should go." 
I nodded and smiled at Mom. She looked like she wanted to say more but we were 
out the door before she had the chance. Chris was walking to the bus stop with his head 
When I caught up to him, I said, "Hey, Chris." 
He looked at me. Okay, that's a start. 
"Um, don't let Dad discourage you. Uhh, just because while he chooses Saw VI, you choose The Sound Of Music, doesn't mean he doesn't love you." 
Chris furrowed his brow and studied my face, as if to say, What the hell are you 
talking about Angie? 
I tried again, "Well, you..... you're.... different. Well- no! Uh, Chris!" 
Chris was walking ahead of me now. "Thank you so much, Angie! You are such a 
big help!" 
Damn. I thought only girls stormed away when someone pissed them off.... 

Oh, yeah.


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