Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 4

My head was throbbing, I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. My breath was coming out in short, pained puffs. What happened? Where was I? How did this happen? Was I dead? No, that's ridiculous.... or was it? The pain in my head was unbearable. My arm hurt too. "Uhhhgg......" I heard a terrible sound, then I realized it had come from me. I groaned again. "Angela?" What was that? "L-Leo?" I moaned. I opened my eyes, it was dark. I tried to sit up and I almost screamed. I felt like someone had shot me in the side of the head. I sat up slowly, the ground was cold and grainy, as if someone had poured sand on the floor, but not enough to make it anything near comfortable. "Yes, Angela. It's me, Leo." My eyes started to adjust to the dark and I saw Leo's rough form. I could tell that he was pretty torn up. He had a huge gash on his cheek and his hair was messed up. Suddenly, I remembered what happened and without trying to stop myself, I started sobbing. Leo put his arm around me and I cried into his shoulder. "It's okay. It'll be alright..." He said, trying to sound like he meant it. I cried and cried until I couldn't cry anymore. I wiped my nose. My face was covered in a gross coat of blood, snot, dirt and tears. "Chris!"' I said loudly, "Mouse! Where are they?" I started to panic. Leo wrapped his arms around me. "I... I don't know." he said, and I started crying again. A door was flung open, hitting the wall with a loud bang, making me wince, and light poured into the room. I shielded my eyes. A large figure was clearly visible, standing in the doorway. One of the men from before came in and picked us up by our shirts and slammed the door behind us.
The huge man brought us into a brightly lit, smallish room with a table and three chairs in the center. He thrust us down into two of the chairs and sat down in the other. We silently waited for the creepy man to explain why the hell we were here. "Um, excuse me." Leo addressed the man, I looked at him like he was crazy. The man grunted at Leo.
"Um, i-if you would, would you mind telling us what the hell is going on?" Dang Leo, that was real smart.
The man growled a little and we leaned away from him. There was a little rap at the door that made Leo and I jump. I man got up and opened the door. In walked a different man who was dressed in a suit (ooh, scary!) and he had glasses. He looked very business-man-like. He sat down at the table and the first man left. The man in the suit smiled at us and we scowled back. The man laughed, "My, my, you're very intimidating, aren't you? Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Theodore Michel. You call call me Mr. Michel if you'd like." He smiled at us again. We kept scowling and he laughed again. Leo said, "Okay, why don't you just cut the crap and tell us why the hell we're here." Michel laughed again and said, "Now, now. Let's not get anxious! I'm getting to that part." This guy is so weird. I thought.
Michel leaned in, folding his fingers together. "Now," he said, wiping his stupid grin off his face. "The reason you two are here is that girl you two are often with. Tiffany White." Our eyes widened and we looked at each other. "Wait!" I stood up, shaking, "So, you're telling us....." I swallowed, "That..... Mouse's real name is Tiffany? That is so stupid!"
"Yes." Michel said flatly, looking disappointed. Leo sat me down and looked at me, almost impressed with me, which I didn't get. "Good job stalling." he whispered. 
"Stalling?" I cocked my head and Leo raised and eyebrow at me and looked back at Michel. Michel sighed and continued talking, "So, the reason you're here," I snapped back into focus.
"Is your friend, Tiffany White. She has something very rare that we need. She was too hard of a target to get ahold of ourselves, so we tried getting you as bait, so that she would come to us." He gestured to Leo. "But that didn't work, so we got you as well." He gestured to me. "Now we have two hostages and we are waiting for her to come and rescue you. We will capture her and take away what we rightfully deserve."
Leo and I looked at him questioningly. "So.... what is it?" I ventured. 
Michel smiled, "Tiffany Payton White possesses a superhuman power, think, just think......" he paused dramatically, "Black Canary, or Banshee and the like."
I cocked my head stupidly and Leo rolled his eyes at me. "Angela! Black Canary! DC Comics?"
"Oh my god Angie, don't tell me you've never read any DC Comics?"
"No, I haven't actually. DC Comics are for little boys to burn their brains out with." I crossed my arms and Leo rolled his eyes again. Michel cleared his throat and we remembered what was going on. Michel leaned in dramatically again. He looked at us back and forth. "Ultrasonic Screech." He said. We took this all in. "Kind of like a bird?" I asked.
"Kind of like a bat." Leo said. 
Michel smiled evilly. "Precisely, and this power is very valuable." I looked up, realizing what he was getting to, I gulped. "Um, so how would you.... extract... this... power?" my voice cracked when I said 'extract'.
Michel smiled again. "Shall I explain? Or do you very intelligent children understand what I am saying without further explanation?"
We nodded, "W-we're fine, Sir." Leo said, taking a deep breath.
So that was what was up with the eyes and her mood changes and all that, Mouse has some weird powers and these men want them. I won't let them hurt Mouse, they won't get her, not as long as I'm alive.

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