Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 7 - CHAPTER 6

I watched. I watched Mabel, wondering how she could always tell where and who I was and why the hell she wanted to get to know me, or at least why she talked to me. I watched Harold, wondering what he thought about life here at this school, the people here, my friends and I. He never really seemed to have much fun at school and only smiled when he was making a smart comment. It was a nice smile though, very nice..... "Ange, would you please stop stalking that poor girl?"
"Wha?" I blinked. Chris was standing in front of me, his arms crossed, eyebrows raised. He was blocking my view of Mabel. I didn't answer right away, so Chris said, "Hey, Angie." I stared at him blankly.
Chris rolled his eyes, "I mean seriously. First, that kid Harold and now this poor blind girl who can't even see that you are totally stalking her!"
"Chris, just because she's blind doesn't mean she is completely helpless." I said. I realized that maybe I had been underestimating this girl. "And I am not stalking her!"
"No, no, I'm sorry, Honey. My mistake." Chris said sweetly, "I just thought that following people around and staring at them without their knowing so was considered stalking here. My bad."
I glared at Chris, "You think you're so smart...."
Chris smiled at me, as if he was trying to make it clear to me that he was winning this battle.
I put my face close to his, "This isn't over."
Chris smiled more, "I hope not, this is fun."
With that, I spun on my heels, holding my head high as if it would help maintain my dominance, and walked away, leaving Chris standing in the hall smiling as if he owned the world.
Science: Alice gave the science teacher one last pleading look (as she does every day in science) before feeding the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches so that her group could watch them eat. Alice fainted, fellow student escorted her to the nurse's office. Leo talked to Michelle for a long time before realizing that her "uh-huh"s and "okay, Sweetie"s were her talking to her friend through a small headset. After that he was quiet. Chris and I were lab partners. We worked for a while, doing what we were told. I heard a sound. I spotted Mouse, creeping up behind Chris with a cockroach in her hand. I rolled my eyes, wondering if I should tell him.... I'll have to get ingredients for vanilla yogurt after school. The giant cockroach was placed on Chris's head. Chris looked up from his lab table, about half of the class's eyes were already on him. Chris slowly lifted his hand up to his head, the cockroach crawling through his hair. Chris screamed on the top of his lungs. Me and Leo were trying not to laugh, we looked at each other. The whole rest of the class was laughing. The teacher took the cockroach off of Chris's head, Mouse to the office, class hushed, Chris close to tears.
Math: Not much to tell.
French: Alice works, Mouse comes back, sticks gum in Chris's hair (I honestly don't know why the teacher made her sit behind poor Chris), Chris yells at her, Mouse to the office, Chris to the nurse (he was there for almost an hour and a half, he refused to let the nurse cut his hair).
History: Mouse still in the office, Alice works, I work, Leo attempts (and fails) to flirt with the cheerleaders, good luck with that.
Study Hall: Mouse returns (Why didn't they keep her there? She probably knocked out the principle, that happened once), Chris hides under a desk, Alice works, the teacher fails to coax Chris out from under his hiding spot, I try to help, I offer yogurt, Chris whimpers longingly, Mouse grins, Chris backs farther into his little hole, Alice tries, after everyone in the room tries and we don't know what to do, Mr. Wonderful comes. (Jesse) Alice and I tell him to try to get Chris to come out, confused Jesse says, "Hey, uh, what are you doing under there?" Chris's face softens and he backs up a little more. Jesse tries again, "You're gonna miss lunch if you don't come out." I mouth yogurt and Chris whimpers again and comes out, blushing a little. He involuntarily smiles at Jesse and Jesse backs off a little, confused. "Uh, see ya." Chris giggles, the whole room staring. Chris gives  them a look and they all look away.

Geez, our day was SO annoyingly normal.

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