Monday, December 14, 2009

cool With A "K". PART 5 - CHAPTER 1

The weirdest thing happened today. I walked to my locker and saw Mouse at hers (which is three lockers away from mine). She had an odd glassy look in her eyes. Oh my god, what was wrong? Was she in pain? What happened? These thoughts immediately crossed my mind. I followed
her gaze. Oh my god!!!! This is worse than I thought!!! I thought in horror. Chris came to open
his locker. He saw my horrified expression and turned to see what I was looking at. His eyes
widen and his jaw dropped, his head tilting to the side slightly, as if this was all a dream and
everything would go back to reality when he cocked his head. I couldn't believe it. Mouse was
staring dreamily at Lucas! Lucas: definition: noun. Stupid annoying popular kid that almost
every airhead girl in this school is in love with! Chris broke the silence, "Is Mouse......" his
voice trailed off. "Staring at Lucas in the same way that Jamie was staring at you last month?"
I suggested. Chris looked at me like I was crazy. I turned to look at him as if he was stupid
"You didn't know?" I asked. Chris stared at me for a few more seconds and we both turned
to Mouse. Lucas walked away, Mouse's gaze stuck on him as if it were glued there. Lucas
passed Chris and I and Chris snorted. I elbowed him to be quiet. We peered over at Mouse.
She stood, in a daze for a few more minutes and then she saw us. We stupidly hid behind the
lockers. Mouse walked away, headed towards the lunchroom. Once she was gone, Chris and
I looked at each other, a curious are-you-thinking-what-I'm-thinking type look. We rushed to the
At lunch, we were all chatting, as usual, except for, drumroll please, Mouse. After I couldn't think
of anything else to do, I put down my plastic fork and leaned into the center of the table. "Hey,
you guys, what do you say we all come over to my place after school?" I said anxiously.
Everyone nodded 'yes'.
After school, Leo, Alice, and Mouse came over. We all sat in a circle. "Why are we doing this?"
Mouse said, sounding annoyed, "This is so pointless."
I grinned. "Well Sweetie, I think you have something to share with us."
Mouse's shoulders tensed defensively. Chris nudged her shoulder with his, "I think
somebody has a little crush." he bit is lip and smiled evilly. Mouse whipped around to
look at him, her cheeks turning slightly pink. "What are you talking about?" she asked loudly.
We got her on the hot seat! I grinned more and put my face near Mouse's. "Lucas."
I drew the word out so it sounded like Luuuucas. Mouse's eyes widened angrily, "I do not!"
she exclaimed. Alice and Leo exchanged looks, both of them smirking. Mouse looked around
helplessly. "I..." she stuttered.
"Geez, Mousey! Don't be so defensive!" Leo taunted. He was totally asking for it, but Mouse just sat
in her place in the circle, looking helpless and angry. I swear, Chris is the master of getting
people to tell us stuff. One more little thing and she'd crack.
Chris leaned over to her and whispered loudly, "I saw you burning a hole in his face at the
lockers after 6th period." That got her. She shrieked loudly and grabbed Chris's neck and started
choking him. I had been prepared for this. Leo and I got up and pulled Mouse off of Chris. We
couldn't help laughing. "I-I'm sorry, Chris!" I laughed. Chris held his hand to his neck, breathing
deeply, but soon he started laughing his sweet, happy laugh. Mouse's face was completely
full of rage. "This isn't funny!" Mouse hollered. We knew that if we could hold something against
Mouse, then we could say almost anything teasingly and the worst she could do is attack
poor, weak Chris, who was to most helpless out of all of us (well, I don't know about Alice, but she's
too scared of Mouse to really do anything). And plus, we could save Chris from Mouse and
I'm sure he wouldn't care. This was fun! We kept teasing Mouse for a while. Since Chris had
most of the smart comments and he was and easy target, Mouse attacked him and Leo and I
pulled her off at least four more times. Finally, Mouse left after about two hours. "Oh, c'mon, Mouse!"
We called after her, "It was just a joke!" We laughed a little more after a she had left.
"We can apologize to her tomorrow at school." I said, still grinning. Everyone nodded in
As Chris walked to the lunchroom, he saw Leo yelling at a girl. She looked totally pissed. Chris
recognized her. Michelle, she was in two of his classes. She had blue eyes and bleached
blonde wavy hair. It looked like Leo was totally just being a crazy jerk. Michelle stomped away.
Leo ran his fingers through his hair, looking down at the floor, he mouthed the words damn it.
Chris walked over to him and watched Michelle walk away. "You like her, don't you? he said
understandingly. Leo sighed and wouldn't look at Chris. Chris put his hand on Leo's shoulder,
Leo looked at it, looking both irritated and uncomfortable. "That's not how you treat a girl, Leo."
Chris explained. Oh great. Leo sighed again. "You have to be nice to her," Chris began, "let
her know she can feel comfortable and safe around you." Leo looked at Chris, as if to say
you're joking, right? Chris continued, "And after you have known each other for a while, when
the time is right, ask her out. But don't rush it! There is a good chance that she will slap you
if you rush it!" Leo raised an eyebrow. "You say this as if you have experience dating girls."
he said. Chris looked down, thinking about this, "Well, I haven't, but Angie comes home crying
and complaining a lot." he laughed. Leo was very annoyed by now and felt very uncomfortable
having this conversation with another guy, especially when he had his hand on Leo's shoulder.
Leo shrugged Chris's hand off of his shoulder and Chris drew it back. There was an awkward
silence before Leo said, "Uh, you know what? I-I have to go. Um, thanks for the advice Chris."
and with that he ran off. Chris smiled, happy to help his friend. What was that? Is Chris in
love with me or something? Leo thought, but instantly shook the thought out of his head and
kept walking.
When Leo entered the lunchroom, Mouse and Alice were already at the table. Leo sat down,
almost sliding off of his seat as he skidded to the table and sat. "Okay guys," he said, looking
around to make sure no one else was listening. Alice and Mouse leaned in. Leo held up his
hands dramatically. "I think Chris is in love with me." he said in a hushed voice. Mouse and
Alice looked at each other. Alice's huge eyes wide as usual, but this time she looked more curious
than usual. Mouse snorted. "Who wold love you?"
Leo scowled. "The girls love me, Mouse!"
"Apparently the guys too." Mouse laughed. Alice giggled. Leo clenched his teeth, "Not funny!"
he said. Chris and Angie sat down. "Hey guys!" Angie said happily. Leo saw Chris and got up.
"Hey, uh, Michelle said that she wanted to talk to me again today!" he said quickly, which was
pretty stupid, because Chris knew that Michelle was mad at Leo today. Leo walked away quickly.
On the way to the bus, Alice stopped Chris. "Hey, um." she said, trying to find the words.
"Are you..... in love with Leo?" she asked as politely as she possibly could. Chris looked at her
with a look of disbelief. "Leo?" he asked. He started laughing hard. "Hell no! I'm not in love with
Leo!" Feeling stupid and embarrassed, Alice blushed and looked down and managed a unrealistic laugh.
Chris put his finger under her chin and lifted her head. For just a second, Alice hoped. Hoped?
What I am hoping? she thought, he isn't attracted to me. He's not attracted to girls. It's just a
feeling that he can't feel. And of course I don't want.... but he didn't do what she was half
hoping for, instead he looked her in the eyes and said sincerely, "Don't be embarrassed. You
were just asking because you were curious. That's natural. I think Leo might have wondered
the same thing. I think he must have felt kind of uncomfortable receiving that kind of advice
from another guy." Chris smiled sweetly. Alice sighed. Oh no, here I go again.... she thought.
No Alice, not smart. Not a good idea. But love is something that no one can help. Alice knew
that. Chris linked his arm through hers affectionately. Alice giggled. Oh no Alice. You know
what will happen, don't go there. She couldn't help herself. Alice was in love with Chris Harper.
She leaned her head on his shoulder, Chris didn't seem to mind much and they walked to the bus.

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