Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 5

Mouse sat up in her bed, arms crossed. She thought about all that had happened earlier that day. Her brother and best friend had been captured, Chris had come mind-bogglingly close to death, and she could do nothing to help her brother and her friends, for she was stuck in this stupid hospital bed. Now, don't think that because Mouse has the ability to screech loud enough to pop your eardrums within seconds that she also has magical healing powers too. Mouse had a sprained wrist and and broken nose and the hospital wouldn't let her leave. She also couldn't leave because she had to be there for Chris. Poor Chris, he had already gone through a major situation with being hit by a truck and now this. His injuries this time weren't nearly as bad, but he was still torn up. Broken ribs, mostly.
Mouse glanced over at Chris, who was sleeping in the hospital bed closest to her. I should probably get to sleep too. She thought, yawning. But no! I can't! Angie and Leo need me. So does Chris. I got them into this mess and it wouldn't be fair of me to just leave them. But Chris, he can't leave the hospital.... Mouse sighed, her brain was so full right now, maybe sleep would be the best thing for her. She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.
The hospital let them leave the next afternoon, but required a parents phone number. "Why the hell would they need that?" Mouse whispered to Chris.
"I don't know! Just give them your Mom's cell number!" Chris hissed.
"No, we can do better than that." Mouse said. So they gave the hospital "Their parent's phone number" that took Mouse about three seconds to come up with.
"Nice job." Chris told Mouse as they walked towards where the SUV had driven off the night before. Mouse looked at him, "With what? Letting your sister get captured?" Chris shook his head, "No, you just seem so calm. I mean- the whole situation..." Chris stopped himself and sniffed. They stopped walking. Mouse didn't know what to do now. "Um," she said, leaning over to hug him. She felt so awkward, Chris wasn't one of her absolute favorite people. She cared about him enough to be worried when he was dying, but not enough to feel comfortable hugging him. Chris sniffed again.
"Uh, there there." Mouse tried to comfort him. Well, that was stupid. Mouse thought. Comforting wasn't really up her alley and so she wasn't at all used to this. Angela was usually there to take care of her childish 15-year-old brother, so Mouse had to do nothing. Chris was crying now. Stop it, you big baby! Mouse wanted to hiss at him like she usually would, but she understood this time. He wasn't used to this kind of thing.
"Hey. we'll find them, okay?" she said. Chris nodded and they continued walking.

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