Friday, December 11, 2009

cool With A "K". PART 3 (Chapter 2)

I couldn't BELIEVE those stupid thugs from the football team would call Chris that! No one can push my brother around like that! Oh, I HATE THEM!!!!! God, those STUPID IDIOTS!!!! Oh, I will get back at them, I will!!!

My brain was filled with incoherent, angry thoughts, I was oblivious to the world around me. I couldn't think, I could see, I couldn't hear. All of a sudden, one voice echoed through my mind, Chris. He was screaming my name. What? I thought. I turned around. Chris's blue-green eyes were full of tears. He screamed my name again, "Angela!!!!" what? i thought. I turned. My eyes widened as I saw what he was screaming about. My mind went blank. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion as it happened. My mind filled with pure fear at the thought that I had been so careless, the thought that I had been stupid enough the walk right into the street, the thought that there was a huge truck coming towards me. I saw the headlights, I saw Chris, I felt Chris's hand's push my side, I saw and felt the pavement as I hit it, and I saw Chris and the truck connect..... and then it all went black.



  1. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!! CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! NO CHRIS! NOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. Damn, I am SO glad I didn't kill Chris at this part!