Saturday, December 12, 2009

cool With A "K". PART 3 (Chapter 4)

It was May now. It was lunchtime and I saw that girl from before, Jamie! She was talking to another girl. I went up to them. "Hi Jamie!" I said, hoping I didn't look upset, after all, Chris just got out of the hospital a month ago. Jamie and the other girl stopped talking. Jamie's friend eyed me, as if she was thinking who is this freak? Where they a part of the cool kids? Was I not supposed to be talking to her? What would she say? What if I was embarrassing her? I started to back off when Jamie smiled back and said "Oh, hi!" What should I say? "Uh, hey, do you want to sit with me and my friends?" Jamie smiled, "Sure! But can I invite my friend over too?"
"Sure that's totally fine!" Am I being to enthusiastic? I thought.
"Okay, me and my freind Crystal will be right there after we get our lunches." Jamie smiled again. At that, I turned and walked to my table. I heard Jamie's friend, Crystal, behind me say to Jamie, "Why is she talking to you? is she your freind or something?"
"Why? are you jealous?" Jamie said.
"No. I'm just asking....."
All of a sudden, I felt kind of bad. Was it the right thing for me to do, inviting her to sit with us? Well, Jamie is really nice, but, did she even like me?
After a few minutes, Jamie and Crystal sat down at our table. Crystal was eyeing all of us, as if she didn't trust us. Jamie was taking in everything, trying to memorize our faces. Then, her eyes fell on Chris. The awkwardness melted away from her face, her eyes lit up, Jamie cocked her head to the side slightly. Uh oh. "Uh- Chris! This is Jamie, my new friend and her friend....."
"Crystal." She said.
"Yeah, Jamie and Crystal!" I announced. Chris smiled warmly, "Hello."
"Hi....." Jamie said, almost dreamily. Uh oh again. Was she......? I couldn't help but snort. Mouse almost laughed out loud. Jamie looked confused. I motioned for them to sit down and they did. We talked for a while and soon enough Leo bounded over to the table and flopped down next to Mouse. "'Bout time!" Mouse said, and with that, we continued eating.

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