Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool With A "K" PART 9 - CHAPTER 1

No, Mouse! Put that frog back! Uhg, so annoying. Chris, no pudding for you. What?! Alice, where did that yogurt come from?! Beep beep beep. What?? Oh, clock. I shut off my alarm clock and got out of bed.
So, it all started this morning, when Mom made our breakfast, but instead of just giving us our food and going back to cooking, she sat down at the table, looking at both of us, smiling. Chris and I both looked up from our food. "Mom?" I said, my mouth full of eggs, "Why are you looking at us like that?"
Chris gasped, putting a hand to his mouth. "No, Mom! Not a baby! Right? RIGHT? No!!! I can't stand another Angie!" I punched him in the shoulder from across the table, "Hey! Don't be stupid! It's not a baby!" We both paused, out eyes widening, we turned our heads to look at Mom. "Right?" we said in unison. Mom laughed, "No, no! Of course not! You two have such wild imaginations!"
Dad came in and Mom was still laughing. "Hey Honey." he said.
"Hi." Mom laughed, she gave Dad a kiss. "What's so funny?" Dad asked her.
"Chris and Angela thought the news was that I was having a baby!" She started laughing all over again, "But I was really just going to tell them about camp!"
"Camp?!" Chris yelled, smacking his hands down onto the table, his eyes wide with fear. Mom calmed herself down. "Yes, Chris. Summer Camp, Camp Sunny Day. Remember it, Christopher?"
Chris stared at her, a I-can't-believe-you-would-do-this-to-me look in his eyes. He started breathing deeply and I sat him down in his chair, "It's okay Chris, it's been eight years. The camp has changed, no doubt!" I said. He looked at me, poor kid, he looked like a frightened little kitten. "N-no doubt?" He stuttered, his hand shaking.
I looked him in the eyes, "No doubt." I smiled at him. Chris sat back, sweating a bit. Mom looked at him, looking concerned. "Are you alright, Honey?"
"He's fine, don't worry." I smiled at her, looking back at Chris. "Think about it Chris, maybe it'll be fun."
He looked at me like I was crazy, "Fun? Camp Sunny Day, fun? Did you eat some bad eggs?"
I held up his fork, a piece of scrambled egg on the end of it. "You would've eaten the same bad eggs, Buddy Boy." He nodded again, taking a deep breath.
Mom broke in, "Um, well if it helps, your little friends Alice and Mouse and Leonard are going too." She smiled warmly. I grinned, "See Chris? You can follow Leo around in the cabin! You can have a friend there!"
 Chris groaned loudly, "I don't like Leo!"
"Don't be rude, Chris! It'll be fun, I'm sure of it!" I said.
Mom put a few brochures on the table, "Um, Camp starts next Monday, it's for three weeks. You can look at brochures if you want."
Chris stared at her. "Three weeks?" Then, only half to my surprise, he fainted. "Chris!" I said, "Oh crap!" I sat him up, "Aw, c'mon, Chris! Wake up buddy!"
Mom walked quickly out of the room, mumbling to herself, Maybe camp wasn't such a good idea after all.

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