Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 7 - CHAPTER 4

It was a normal Thursday. I was walking to school from the bus. Alice caught up to me and we started chatting. I spotted Chris, his hands were duct taped behind his back and to the flag pole and there was duct tape over his mouth. He was screaming and his boxers were pulled up high in a very political, very painful looking wedgie. I sighed, telling Alice I'd catch up with her. I jogged over to Chris and casually started un-taping him, glaring a the nearby football players, tossing a role of duct tape back and forth and laughing. I finally pulled Chris free of the duct tape and he pulled it off of his mouth. "Thanks, Ange." he said. I patted him on the back. Chris looked behind him and I looked too. He scowled at the football players who were calling out things like, "Oh good for you you're sister came and got you!" and "Oh, poor baby!" and the like. I put my arm around my brother's shoulders, "Come on, Chris. Don't listen to them." We caught up to Alice and we walked into our school. 
French class. A perfectly, nauseatingly normal day. Alice pays perfect attention, doing all her work. I sleep/drool on my desk. Some of the band geeks pass 'love' notes to Mouse, knowing just how to irritate her. Mouse turns the notes into spitballs, firing them at the band geeks and cheerleaders. Cheerleaders screech, Mouse is sent to the principle's office. Chris works, his phone buzzes, teacher yells, Chris cries, teachers rolls her eyes and mouths not again and sends Chris out into the hall to calm down. Football players laugh, teacher scowls, football jocks stop laughing.
I was at my locker today when I heard a excited, unfamiliar voice. "Hi!"
I turned around. Oh, I recognized her from somewhere, but I couldn't remember who she was. The girl was wearing a weird pink polka dot dress and a headband that matched. I noticed her eyes weren't tracking me, reminding me that she was blind. I had no idea how she could possibly know who I was or even that I was there, I hadn't said anything. "Uh, hi." I said, almost as more of a question than a greeting.  Oh! She was the new transfer student from Wisconsin. I think she is in my math class, and French.
"Oh- uh...." I said, remembering that she was standing right in front of me, waiting for an answer to her hello. "Nice to meet you.... um...." Oh, what was her name? 
"Mabel." She said, smiling creepily, as if she had just read my mind. "Yes, Mabel." I tried to smile back. Mabel giggled and frolicked off. Wow, weird girl.

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