Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 7 - CHAPTER 5

Chris and I were meeting Alice at the mall on Sunday. Chris left earlier than I did because I had to get a few things done. I met up with them at the mall cafeteria around 2:00. I sat down by them, we all brought lunches. I must have looked kind of confused, because Alice asked me if anything was wrong. "Oh, not really...." I began, "There's just this weird girl, Mabel, from Math and French you know?" They nodded. "Well, she came up to me in the hall on Thursday and just started talking to me. I mean, how did she even know I was there?" I rested my chin on my palms.
"Maybe because you were standing right in the middle of the hallway." Chris suggested. Alice held out a banana, asking him if he wanted any. Chris nodded and cut the banana in half and they started eating. I rolled my eyes at Chris, "She's blind." I said. Chris looked at me curiously. "Really? How interesting." Chris always tried to sound smart in front of us by using words like interesting and peculiar, which was funny because he didn't try to really impress anyone that he didn't already know (Like football players, see earlier chapters). "Didn't see that one coming." Alice said. Chris grinned at her.
"She's just so weird!" I complained. Chris looked at me with his annoying I'm-about-to-point-out-something-that-will-make-you-feel-stupid look and said, "Ange, if I'm correct, you don't even know the girl. Am I right?" I scowled down at my food. Chris continued, "Don't judge her if you don't know her, and plus, we aren't exactly what you would call the most popular kids in school either. Maybe she's a great person, maybe we should get to know her, maybe we should invite her to come over sometime...."
"And maybe we should drop a bomb on Japan while we're at it!" I snapped angrily. "Not. A good. Idea." I said, putting my face closer and closer to Chris's. He still remained perfectly calm. "ARGH!! CHRIS! YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!!" I screamed. Alice and pretty much everyone in the cafeteria stared at me and I stomped off. Was I overreacting? I didn't know and frankly I didn't care. I left Alice and Chris sitting alone at their table, probably wondering what the hell had gotten into me.

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