Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 6 - CHAPTER 5

Chris, Alice, Mouse, Leo and I walked around the school campus. Something caught my eye; a big, buff guy from the football team was punching Harold in the stomach playfully. Playfully, but Harold obviously didn't like it. "I'll handle this." Chris said, trying to do something nice. I grabbed him by the back of his shirt. "Woah woah woah. Nope, not a good idea Buddy Boy." Chris wriggled free of my grip and eyed me. "Why not?" he asked. Mouse snorted, "Because every time you try to stand up to the football team they kick your ass." Chris looked down for a second, but then shook his head and approached Harold and the football player. I reached for his shoulder, trying to stop him but Mouse said, "Stop, Ange. This could be good."
Chris went up to the football player and said something to him. The football player looked at the pretty girl standing near him and said something. The girl giggled and the football player punched Chris in the face. Harold, me, Mouse, Alice, etc. gasped. Chris staggered back and I ran up and caught him under the arms. Alice came and took him from me. "What the hell?" I screamed at the football jock. He laughed and smirked at his girlfriend. "The little twerp was inturrupting our friendly conversation."
"Friendly-" Harold started to say, but a glare from the girl made him stop. The girl and the football player threw back their heads and laughed. With no warning, Leo ran up from behind me and threw a powerful punch at the jock guy's face. It landed on his jaw, his head snapping to the side. The football player staggered back, the girl putting her hands to his back to keep him up. Everyone stared in pure shock at Leo. Leo could be called a loser and had never been very fond of Chris, so this was extremely unexpected. Maybe he did it to try to impress the girl. We knew that the football guy would get up again so he could kick Leo's ass, so we did the first thing we could think of. As extremely lame as it was, we turned on our heels and ran, all except for Chris. "Damn! Chris! This is no time to be an idiot!" I shouted at him. Chris stood up, kind of crooked and said groggily, "No, I will not run away." The jock stood up and Chris threw a weak punch at him: reaaaally stupid idea, Chris. The football player punched Chris in the stomach. The girl gasped. "Hey, Brandon! I think he's had enough." Brandon? I thought, Not a very fitting name for a bully. I helped Chris to his feet, stared daggers at the football jock, and gathered my friends to leave. "Chris," I whispered in his ear, "Why did you do that? He could've really hurt you!" After saying this I realized how ridiculous that was. Brandon had already really hurt him. Chris had a bloody nose and he was starting to get a black bruise around his eye. I said, "Chris, why did you have to be so stupid? You don't even like Harold, you like Jesse... right?" Chris shook his head, "No, I don't like Harold! Well, not like that. I think he's a good person and that Brandon guy shouldn't be able to push him around like that." Mouse broke in, "So, you tried to be Captain Amazing and came to save the day? Nice try Chris, but that was really stupid." She started laughing. Realizing that she was the only one laughing, Mouse cleared her throat and kept quiet. Alice put her arm around Chris and hung his over her shoulder. "Come on Chris, I'll take you to the Nurse." Alice and Chris headed towards our school. I turned to Mouse and Leo, "Well, he has a point, I guess." They studied me and waited for me to go on. "I mean, Brandon might start leaving Harold alone now.... maybe." Suddenly, we remembered Leo's bravery and grinned at him. "What?" Leo asked. Mouse said, "You stood up to Brandon to help Chris." Leo all of a sudden looked uncomfortable and shifted his weight. "Yeah, well, Brandon was gonna kill him. I mean, like, hurt him bad." Mouse and I exchanged looks. "What? It's true!" Leo said defensively. "I-I had to do something to help the little guy...." Leo's pride had sunken down to his feet. "I-I didn't want him to get hurt. I-" I stopped him, "It's fine, Leo. Good job." Leo wasn't sure if he liked this pitiful comment from a girl at first, but then he realized, Hey, a girl just complimented me! and grinned smugly. I rolled my eyes and started walking back towards the school. Behind me, I heard Mouse say, "Leo you are sooo in love with Chris!"
"What the hell Mouse?" Leo complained, "Don't even go there, that's just not right! Yuck!" I chuckled and went into the school.


  1. oh no u di-int!! stupid football player punched chris, poor chris!! eee if i could i would kick the football player's butt! im kidding, he would probably kick my butt to :s now that would'nt be good at all!

  2. YESS!! good leo good! he kicked the football player's butt! OH YEAH!! good one leo!