Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 2 (Chapter 3)

After school I was doing my homework when I heard Chris scream. I jumped to my feet and
ran to his room. "What! What is it Chris???" He was sitting in front of his computer with his
hands on his head. "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" he howled "MY PROJECT!!!!!!!!!"
I took in the fact that my brother was just being a baby and he wasn't hurt, a rabid cat didn't
come flying through the window, the ceiling didn't collapse on him, he didn't run out of hairspray
again (and THAT was not a pleasant sight!) Chris put his head on the desk and continued moaning.
"Damn it Chris! What the hell is wrong with you???" God, brothers are SO annoying!
"My project!!!!!" He wailed, "It's-it's GONE!"
"What project?" I yelled.
Chris turned around to look at me, his hair was messy from him practically pulling it out with
stress and his blue-green eyes were wide. "My HISTORY project, stupid!"
"You're already working on that? That's not due until next month!"
"And I was almost finished too!!!" Chris wailed as he turned back around to moan at the computer
to show it how upset he was as if it would feel sorry for him and locate the lost document.
"Wait! Wait! Chris! Uhh, I-I'll call Mouse! Okay? Yeah I'll call Mouse! That's what I'll do!"
I ran back to my room, leaving Chris sobbing at his desk. I picked up my cell and dialed Mouse's
number. pickupmousepickuppickuppickupifyoudon'tchrisisgoingtoprobablygointoacoma!heisfreakinghavinganervousbreakdownsoyoubettergetyourTECHIELITTLEA- Why, hello, Mouse!
"Whadaya what?" Mouse asked lazily. I explained the tragic and ridiculous story to Mouse.
"Sure, I'll be right over..." She said and she hung up. Geez, she sounded like she had been
gargling nails (which she probably had. I bet you ANYTHING Leo dared her to do it).
Soon enough Mouse arrived wearing her usual leather goggles on her head, a dirty
brown jacket that was way too big for her, her black belt with a bunch of pockets and latches
on it, and this weird janitor-type suit with Mouse Embroidered on it. I peeled Chris away from
the computer and made him sit on the bed while Mouse flopped into Chris's
computer chair and start pressing keys, opening windows, pulling plugs and wires, rummaging
through Chris's file cabinets, getting up to get a piece of toast, typing again, wiping her oily, mousy
brown too-long bangs out of her eyes. And presto! "Yeah, here it is....."
"What? You found it?" Chris stood up, a glimmer of hope in his eyes (as you probably guessed,
Chris cares immensely about grades).
"Yep." Mouse said, her puke-green eyes widened when Chris attacked her with a hug. She
was not quite as found of Chris as Alice. When Chris realized what a fool he was being, he
released Mouse and stood up, brushing away invisible dirt that Mouse could have left on his
sleeves. He cleared his throat and said "Thank you Mouse. That is a very important document."
"Chris," Mouse said in her thick, stuffed up voice, "the document was in the wrong folder. You
saved it to the 'folder 12' instead of 'folder 3'." Chris was silent. He stared at Mouse for about
ten minutes, his blush getting redder by the second. After a long, awkward silence he said, "I'm
going to bed." and left the room. I looked at Mouse. "Uh, Chris. Um, first of all, it's 3:45. Second
of all, this is your room." After a few seconds of embarrassing silence, Chris came back and
landed a face-plant onto his bed. I patted him on the back, "That'll do Chris, that'll do." Chris
groaned in reply. I stood up. "C'mon Mouse." She got up and we left Chris to sleep it off.
Once we were out of Chris's room and in the kitchen, I held out my hand and said to Mouse,
"Give it." Mouse looked up at me innocently (it's really not that hard for her to look up at me,
because I am tall for my age and Mouse is reasonably short, being part of how she got her nickname).
"Give it." I repeated. Mouse sighed and put Chris's wallet in my hand. "Uh-huh. Keep going."
I urged. Mouse sighed again and put his cell phone in my hand. I raised my eyebrows at her.
With one last irritated sigh, Mouse put three of my bracelets, my cell phone (I don't know how she
got that. I could've sworn it was in my pocket.), Chris's watch, a few of his books (wait- Mouse reads?)
a jar of jam, a bag of bread, a bar of soap (something she could actually use) and my wallet
into my open hands. I wasn't surprised. "Bye Mouse." I said. She opened the back door, "See
ya Angie." Mouse said as she left. Once she was gone, Chris came in. I held out his wallet,
"Here." I said. He took it, looked at me looked back at the wallet and sighed. "When will she
learn...." Chris turned and went back to his room to finish his project, muttering "Oh, if she
wasn't so good with computers...."

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