Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 4 - CHAPTER 1 (The Sleepover)

Angie?............. angie.......... Angela............ Angela Harper!................ dude, get up........ uh, Angie....... Angie!......... someone get the tabasco...... no, Mouse..... it worked when we did it to chris, Alice....... that was mean, Mouse......... how's that?......... he cried a half an hour................................Angie! Angela, wake up!........... Mouse, don't do it........ What is this horrible taste??? "AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I bolted upright. "Damn it Mouse! You said do wouldn't do that!" I opened my eyes to see Mouse holding a bottle of hot sauce, Alice looking at me with a worried expression, and Jamie just looking confused. Mouse and Leo were laughing now. I snatched the bottle from Mouse. "Not funny!" I yelled at them. "Not funny?" Leo was about to pee himself laughing. "That was freaking hilarious! You totally freaked out!" Now Alice was laughing too. I looked at Jamie for help, she shrugged. There was a scream coming from the bathroom. Chris came in, wearing his blue pajamas. He had a ton of dark brown maple syrup in his hair. He looked like he was either about to cry or about to tear someone's head off. He held up a bottle of leave-in conditioner. "Which one of you..... put syrup... in my conditioner bottle?" his words were separated and his voice wavered. He was definitely going to start bawling or yelling at Mouse when she started laughing (which would be in five... four...) Right on cue, Mouse started laughing all over again. Leo joined her. Everyone else in the room silently watched Chris, wondering what would happen next. "How childish of you Mouse! I thought I knew you better!" Chris wailed, which was totally inaccurate because he knew Mouse well enough to expect something like this coming from her. This statement caused Mouse to irrupt into an ever worse laughing fit, which was apparently a mistake. What happened next was a total surprise to all of us, 
especially Mouse. While Mouse was still laughing her head off, Chris slowly started walking 
closer and closer towards her. Leo and everyone else in the room except for Mouse and Chris gasped as Chris brought back his fist and punched Mouse in the face! Now, Chris is not
tough kid, at all. But this time Mouse had gone too far. Mouse actually fell off of her chair, 
landing on the floor next to the chair, totally in shock. She sat on the floor breathing deeply for about five solid minutes before bringing her hand to her cheek and looking up at Chris in 
shock, almost in awe for standing up to her. Chris almost smiled, proud to have finally gotten 
his revenge. He brushed his sticky hair back into place as best he could and, holding his 
head high, said, as stupid as the whole thing was, "You owe me a new bottle of conditioner." Chris took in all of our shocked faces, as if he was thinking Man, do I wish I had my camera!
smiled, and head held high, spun on his heals and left the room. Four pairs of eyes fell from 
the doorway which Chris had exited through and landed on Mouse, who was still sitting on 
the floor, staring at the empty doorway.
"You'd better pay him back for that conditioner, Mouse." I said smugly. Mouse looked up at me and narrowed her eyes. She suddenly jumped to her feet and ran to my bedroom doorway
"This isn't over Chris!!!" she shrieked. Of course it wasn't.

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  1. MY GOD!!! GOOD JOB CHRIS!! i would have done the same!