Friday, December 25, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 8 - CHAPTER 2

I invited Alice, Mouse, Leo, Jamie, and Chris to go to the mall today. We were all piled into Alice's car, on our way to the mall. We were all chatting and listening to the radio. Soon enough, Fergalicious by the Black Eyed Peas started playing. "Oh my god, this is my favorite song!" Chris squealed excitedly. I rolled my eyes. Oh great. Then, he started singing alongOh my god, Chris! I thought. 
"Fergalicious definition Make them boys go loco They want my treasure So they get their pleasures from my photo!" he sang loudly. 
"Shut up Chris!" I shouted. 
Alice laughed, "Calm down, Ange! Let the boy have his fun!"
I sat next to Chris, totally annoyed. He didn't stop, "I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy I got reasons why I tease 'em boys just come and go like seasons" he sang, "Fergalicious-"
"CHRIS!!" I yelled, "Shut up!!!!" Chris leaned closer to me, pouting. "What is it, Angie? You don't like my singing?" He batted his eyelashes at me. All of my friends laughed. "God, Chris! You are so annoying!"
"Chill, Ange!" Leo said.
I sighed and crossed my arms, hunching my shoulders. I glanced over at Chris, who was smirking. When he noticed I was looking at him, he started singing quietly again "That puts them boys on rock rock and they be linin' down the block just to watch what I got" I scowled at him, he stopped singing. "I'm the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E
And can't no other lady put it down like me. I'm fergalicious!
" He sang at full volume. "Damn it, Chris! Shut up shut up shut up!!!! You are mostdefinetly NOT fergalicious!!!!!" I punched his arm over and over. Everyone laughed. I glared at them. "I'm sorry Ange, you're just so touchy!" Alice laughed. I sat in a pissed-off silence for the rest of the ride.

Okay, the mall was really fun. Me and five of my friends ran around the Mall for hours, not really buying much, but we got a lot of food (thank you, Mouse!) ran around, etc etc!
Alice dropped me and Chris off at our house at late o' clock. We went to bed.
At about 2 A.M., I heard a scratching sound at my window. What? I thought sleepily. I opened my window and to my surprise, Mouse was standing in the tree right next to the window! "Come on!" she whispered. "What the hell?" I said, "What are you-" "It's Leo!" She said. Leo is her step brother by the way. Mouse practically pulled me halfway out the window. "Mouse! Stop!" I whispered. "I need shoes, Dummy! Let me get Chris."
"Fine." Mouse sighed.
I put on my red robe over my faded green pajamas and I pulled on my sneakers. I literally pulled Chris out of bed, putting my hands under his arms and making him stand. "Come on Chris! Your girlfriend is in trouble!" I whispered. Chris looked up at me tiredly. "That's not even funny." he said, yawning.
I helped Chris out my bedroom window and we all jumped down. Once we got to Mouse's house, I said to Mouse, "Okay, what's wrong?"
"He's gone." Mouse said. "Leo is gone." We were all silent. "Gone?" I asked, "What do you mean.... he's gone?"
"That means he is no longer where he was the last time Mouse saw him." Chris explained. I elbowed him. "Where do you think he went?" I asked.
"I have no idea." Mouse said in her same gravely tone, but she didn't sound as tired as usual. Maybe she's nocturnal, I thought. "Well, that helps a lot." I said grumpily. I took it back after I said it. Mouse actually looked sad. Her eyes looked different then usual. Instead of their usual puke-green color, they were more purple-ish. Weird. "So, uh... you want us.... to help you find him.... at 2:06 a.m.?" I asked.
"Yes." Mouse said, sounding stressed.
I sat back, "Well. Okay then." I had no idea what to say. I had always thought Mouse was a little bit out of it, but was Mouse seriously crazy? Should I trust her? Wait- What was I saying? I had known Mouse for years and I couldn't just flake out on her when she actually needed help. "So what do you want me to do exactly?" I said. Mouse took a deep breath and started explaining her master plan. "Okay, so here's the plan...." she actually took out a map of the city and started saying cheesy movie-type lines like "and then Chris will take 19th Avenue and turn onto blah blah blah."
And get this; She lead us into her garage and took a ring of key off her belt. She stuck a blueish silver key into the lock of a tall gleaming silver thing that looked kind of like a refrigerator. Mouse opened the doors of the thing and revealed three batman-type unitard-like suits. At the exact time, standing on either side of her, Chris and I looked at her and said "No."
Mouse looked at us questioningly, "Why not? They're waterproof, bulletproof, stinkproof, anything, you name it!" We crossed our arms, each raising an eyebrow at her. Mouse held out her arms as if to say "What?", totally confused. 
"I am not wearing a unitard." Chris said. Mouse stared at him, "Why not? You're gay!" Chris was silent. I bit my lip, now she'd done it. After a long he's-so-gonna-kick-your-ass silence, Chris sighed, "Mouse, that doesn't.... mean... anything." That was it. He'd admitted it to her. Even though Mouse totally knew, Chris had never actually told her. Come on," Mouse said, "We can be like super heros, saving the world!" She started jumping and kicking things in the garage, looking like a complete moron. "No, Mouse. That's just stupid. Is Leo seriously missing?" I asked her, a little bit too insensitively. Mouse stopped running around the room and looked at me. "Yeah," she nodded sadly, "Yeah, he is."
"Well, why don't you just leave it to the police?" Chris said gently. Mouse looked up, "He's my brother, I can't just leave him."
"Step brother." Chris corrected and I elbowed him again. I stepped forward, "And why is it that you think we can help you find him?" I asked, totally stressed now.
Mouse opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again. She tried once more and yet again retracted. "Uh..... I don't.... know. I-I honestly don't know...." 
I groaned, "Mouse!"
"I know, I know! I.... I'm sorry. I just needed someone here...." I couldn't believe this, Mouse was actually in a tough situation. Mouse was never in a situation that she couldn't fix herself. Out of peanut butter? No worries! Just go to Angie's house to pick some up! Bored? No problem! Gather some of the girls from our school, pull a mean prank on Chris, and hide a camera so that you can all watch and laugh at him! Etcetera, etcetera! But now, Mouse actually needed help with something. Her brother was missing and she came to us for help. I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder, she looked up at me sadly. I looked at her eyes; they were that weird color again, kind of a deep purple. I cocked my head and Mouse looked confused. I shook my head. What was I going to say? Oh yeah! "Don't worry Mouse," I said, "We'll help you find Leo." She nodded, biting her lip and to my surprise, her eyes were filling with tears. I glanced at Chris, his eyes were wide. I could tell that he really wanted to whip out his phone and take a picture, but he knew better. Also to my surprise, Mouse held out her arms and I hugged her. Hugging Mouse isn't something that most human beings are used to, so this was kind of new to me. We broke apart and Mouse walked over to Chris. "So..... what do you say?"
Chris didn't say anything, he looked annoyed and I gave him a look. We exchanged a physical conversation by making stupid faces at each other that roughly translated to: No! Come on, Chris. What has she ever done for me? Well, nothing, but come on! He's her brother! Step broth- Shut it, Chris. Whatever! Please, she's our friend. Your friend. Not mine. What do you mean? I find it hard to call someone who puts cockroaches on my head in science class and shouts "You have just been cockroached!" my friend. ........ Please? Uhg! He looked back out Mouse, her eyes looked so weird, they were all purple and- and....... pretty? Is it possible for Mouse to be..... pretty? She looked different then usual, not just her eyes seemed to change. Her hair was less oily and gross than usual. Chris groaned and after a moment of pouting, he said "Fine Mouse, I'll help you find Leo." She smiled a big, happy smile, which was also a different look for her. Another surprise, she jumped up and gave Chris a kiss on the cheek. Chris stood where he was, his eyes wide and confused. He slowly turned his head and looked her up and down. "Is there something wrong with you?" Mouse looked down, "Sorry." she said. Mouse was just being so weird tonight. Too many Swiss Rolls? I can't say, but I guess the only way to find out would be to join her.
The suits. I don't know what the point of them was, but Mouse made us wear them. I thought that we had already gone as far as saying yes to going with her, so what else could we do that would be worse? I put mine on and so did Mouse. Chris, however, took a lot more arguing and yelling and threatening. When Chris turned his back on us I offered yogurt. His fingers twitched at his sides, he blinked. Finally, he turned around, "Fine."
Chris put his on and we were a team of Batman jrs. I mean, they didn't have like the bat ears or masks or anything, it was just the suits themselves. Enough about that, I don't dare explain more. "So this is Leo's rescue team," Chris complained, "three complete losers that just totally out-lamed themselves. Oh god, this is so embarrassing."
"Shut it, Chris." Mouse said. Her eyes were a darker purple now. Now I was really curious. What was going on with Mouse? She was acting all weird and those eyes.... With that, we began the search. We all split up and began searching the town. This was ridiculous. Why did Mouse think we could find Leo by tearing the town apart? I needed to put a stop to this. I called Chris's cell phone. It rang, and it rang, and it rang. Hello, Christopher Harper can not come to the phone at the moment, please leave a message. What the heck Chris? Answer! Answer! I met up with Mouse. "Were the hell is Chris?" I asked Mouse. She shrugged, "I dunno." She said.
Chris ran up to us. We looked at him questioningly. "Sorry," he said, "Something went wrong with my phone, I answered it but something went wrong and it just hung up."
I shrugged, "Don't worry about it, it probably ran out of batteries." Chris nodded. What was that? Headlights.... Headlights! Chris! Mouse! Car! Mouse jumped back and I pushed Chris out of the way and we landed on the sidewalk, head over heels. A large black SUV drove by us at full speed. I stood up, helping Chris to his feet. "Idiots! Geez, were they trying to kill us?" 
Chris brushed himself off, "Probably some stupid drunk teens." he said. I looked at the street where the SUV had exited the scene, "Maybe so, or..... maybe... not..."
Chris and Mouse looked at me, "You okay, Ange?" Chris said. 
I shook the thought out of my head, "Um, yeah. Yeah, I... I'm fine." Chris didn't look convinced. "I'm fine." I said. They nodded. I heard an engine groan and I slowly turned around. The SUV was coming back this way. "Hey!" I shouted, catching Mouse and Chris's attention, they jumped out of the way and the SUV crashed through a brick building. We all slowly stepped forward. There was light and smoke streaming out of the huge hole in the brick wall of the building. With some sound of metal car doors being thrown to the side, four figures emerged from the smoke. There was a woman with purple spiky hair and tight leather clothes and leather fingerless gloves, two men with bulging muscles, and- and.... Leo! One of the men was holding Leo by the back of his shirt! Leo was tied up and had a gag in his mouth. When saw us he started screaming a muffled sound that sounded like "Mouse! Angela! Help me! Chris! Help! Help!" The guy holding Leo above the ground shook him and he groaned. "Leo...." Mouse whispered. I glanced at her, "Mouse," I whispered. She didn't look at me, her eyes were glued to Leo. "Mouse, " I whispered again. "We can't, they're huge. We can't take them." Mouse lunged at the guy who was holding Leo. "MOUSE!" Chris and I screeched. We sprung into action, which was probably one of the stupidest things we have ever done. Mouse jumped onto the guy's shoulder's. The guy dropped Leo and Leo landed on his shoulder. "Leo! Get away! Fast!" Mouse shrieked and the guy grabbed her shoulder and jabbed her in the side of the neck. Mouse fell to the ground. Leo was frantically scrambling away, or at least trying to. I was against the other man. He was bald and about twice the size of me. He grabbed my ankle and with my other foot I kicked him in the face. The guy's hand flew to his face and he pulled on my ankle with his other hand. I fell hard, I started coughing. I put my hand on the back of my head. Ow. Come on, Ange. Don't give up now, they have Leo! I tried to stand up, when I noticed that Chris was in a battle of his own. He was against the purple-haired woman. Oh no, poor Chris. I mean, none of us had much battle training, but Chris had a bad history of coming home with injuries. In other words, he was fighting for his life. The girl threw a punch and, amazingly, he dodged it. There was a few short seconds of dodging and jumping back and the like, and then the girl roundhouse kicked Chris in the chest, knocking him over. I gasped. Chris was out cold. I jumped to my feet and punched the guy I was fighting right in the nose. I have no idea how I got this incredible strength. Anger? I don't know, but what I do know is that I just punched a 200 pound guy right in the nose. I smirked stupidly and the guy recovered and next thing I know I was on the ground, pain seeping into my jaw. Blood poured out of my mouth. Hmm... This was new. My vision started to get blurry, I saw Mouse stand up and help Chris to his feet. I must have missed something while I got punched in the jaw, because Mouse's opponent was on the ground and the purple-hair woman was rushing to his aid. My vision was getting worse. I couldn't see. The last thing I saw was Mouse shouting something, her arms around Chris, keeping him up. The guy who had punched me was coming towards me, his team following.

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