Friday, December 18, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 7 - CHAPTER 3

Alice and I sat down at the lunch table. Chris, Mouse, Leo and.... Michelle were there. Michelle sobbing into Leo's shoulder, her make up running. I sighed, she was probably crying over something totally stupid. What is it? I mouthed to Leo,
Braces. Leo mouthed back. Oh. Poor girl, braces hurt when you first got them. Michelle sat up, Alice gave her a tissue and Michelle blew her nose. She looked confused, "What the hell is that?" she asked, looking into the tissue. Mouse and I looked at each other. Well she is blonde and she is pretty dumb....
Mouse leaned over and whispered loudly, "That would be called a booger, Honey." Michelle put her hand on her hip on made a omg I like totally can't believe you just said that. face, "I know that, Stupid!" Michelle said. When she said 'stupid', it sounded more like 'stuped" with an exaggerated 'e'. "I meant the smell."
"Oh." Alice said, "They're supposed to be organic.... and clean. The smell is from the disinfectant in it."
Michelle looked at Alice as if she was some kind of meaningless idiot. Alice retracted.
"Ah, braces." Mouse said. "New." Michelle's face fell and she started sobbing again.
"Do they hurt? Oh, I'm sorry you have to go through that, Michelle..." I said gently.
Michelle looked up from Leo's now soaked shoulder, "Hurt? Pain? What?" She said stupidly, "They don't hurt. Are they supposed to?"
"Uh, I guess not." I said, confused.
"BUT THEY ARE JUST SO DAMN UGLY!" Michelle cried out and she started sobbing again. I looked at Chris, "Even you're not that ridiculous." I said.
"Of course! No where near." He said.
"What about the time when Mom washed your white shirt with the colors and it turned purple?"
Chris was silent.
It was so awkward having Michelle at the table. I still seriously couldn't believe she excepted Leo as a boyfriend. I mean, she is high on the popularity status, Leo is pretty close to the bottom. Michelle cares about status. Leo would make a much better stalker than actual good spouse.

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