Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 7 - CHAPTER 7

I was walking to next period when I saw Chris and some football players arguing as Chris attempted to get to his locker in one piece. One of the football players snatched Chris's book bag and said, "What's in here? Chick magazines?" All the stupid jocks laughed. The first stupid football player said, "What are you gonna do about it, little man? Oops! Didn't mean to call you what you're not!" Chris's face was red with both embarrassment and anger. "Give it back!" he reached for the book bag. Note: Chris is much shorter than the guys on the football team, so this act was useless. The guy held up the bag out of Chris's reach, "Hey, hey, don't hurt yourself, Cupcake." The goons all laughed again. Chris jumped uselessly for the backpack and they kept laughing. "Hey, Johnny." The leader of the jocks, who was holding Chris's backpack said and he snapped his fingers. One of the gang members came and punched Chris hard in the gut. Chris bent over, falling to his knees, gasping for air. The football players laughed and one of them picked Chris up off the ground, "Johnny! You know you shouldn't hit a girl." Chris started to charge, which was stupid because both he and the football players knew that plan would fail. The guy that the leader called Johnny punched Chris in the face and he fell to the ground. "Chris!" I screamed, running over to the group. The football jerks all looked up, Chris was lying limply on the ground. I hung his arm over my shoulders and helped him stand up. The jocks almost looked confused. I glared daggers at all of them. "Are you okay, Chris?" I whispered.
"No...." he mumbled. Poor kid, I couldn't blame him.
"Who's this? Can't be your girlfriend!" The team leader asked loudly. Chris tried to charge, but I held him back, which wasn't hard to do. "Hey! Lay off!" I said to them, trying to help. The football players laughed stupidly again, "Or what, Princess? What can you do to me?"
I scowled, "Come on, Chris." I had my arm around him to keep him to his feet. We left the goons laughing loudly in the hall. "Come on, let me take you to the nurse's office." I said. Chris shook his head, "Nah. Can't. She said I ran out of passes for the month. 'Been coming too often...."
I looked at my brother, shocked. "Ran out of passes? That's ridiculous! You got hurt!" Chris sighed a heavy, deep sigh, making me feel even more sorry for him. He looked so helpless, he was so helpless. He had a bloody nose and he couldn't really walk by himself. "Are you sure you'll be okay?" I asked. I could tell he wanted to say no, but he just nodded and said, "Yeah. I-I'll be fine." I reluctantly helped him to 6th hour. He sat down at his desk, groaning. After inspecting him, Mouse leaned over, "What happened to you? You look like-" Chris held up and hand to stop her and through clenched teeth said, "Don't.... even." I shook my head at Mouse and she retracted slowly. Leo looked over at Chris, almost looking guilty, as if it was his fault that Chris was so torn up.
At lunch, as strange as it is, Jesse walked over to the table. "Uh, hey." He said. Chris looked up, his face softening. Jesse was looking right at him. We all put our heads down, pretending to not be paying any mind to them, but watched to see what would happen.
"Um, hi." Chris said. Jesse looked uncomfortable. "Hey, uh, are you okay? I mean- uh, what happened?" Jesse seemed to be very confused. Chris's face softened a little more and he almost smiled, "Oh, n-nothing. I'm fine. Thank you for asking, Jesse." When Chris said Jesse's name, he kind of sighed.
Jesse nodded, he looked like he wanted to leave. "So, uh, Jamie doesn't sit here anymore?" he asked. Chris looked at him, looking hurt and a little jealous that he changed the topic and started talking about Jamie. Seeing Chris's glare, Jesse backed up a little. "Um- no," Chris said quietly, looking down. "She has been sitting with Crystal for a while. But- uh, she might come back soon! Yeah, she said so...." Chris blushed a little, sighing at his word spew. Jesse nodded again and slowly started walking away. There was a pause.
"It's fine. Walk away." Chris said without turning around.
"Uh- no! It's just... uhhh...." Jesse ran his fingers through his hair, looking totally lost, glancing at us almost looking at us for help. Jesse pointed to the other end of the room and made eye contact with me, almost as if he was asking me permission before he could go. I nodded and he left kind of quickly. Once he was gone, our gaze fell on Chris, who was looking down at the table. He sighed and closed his eyes, putting his head down on the table. Mouse started to say something, but I shot her a look and she closed her mouth and sat back.
That afternoon on the bus I told Alice what happened before Study Hall with the football team. "Oh, poor Chris...." she said after I told her.
I had to tell the story again when I got home and Mom practically had a nervous breakdown when she saw Chris's black eye, firing us with questions. Oh my lord, Chris! Did you get into a fight?! Seriously, Mom? Chris in a fight? Hush, Angela! Mom..... Oh, Sweetie! Does it hurt? Mom! Sorry.... 

Welcome to my world.

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