Monday, December 14, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 5 - CHAPTER 2

Mouse still stared at Lucas in that same way. I also noticed Alice glancing at Chris and coyly looking away.... uh oh. Not again.
Leo ended up asking Michelle out on a date. Well. That was an unexpected odd couple. Michelle was already giggling and passing Leo love notes after one date. It was kind of creepy. Of course, Leo loved every minute of it. I felt a little left out. I mean, Leo had a girlfriend, Alice seemed to be making eyes at Chris and Mouse.... well, she doesn't count. But Jamie probably had a boyfriend, her friend Crystal probably did too. I wonder if that Harold kid had a girlfriend.... okay, that's not what it sounded like. I mean, it's not like I was going and signing up for a dating service or anything, but sometimes I wondered if it would be cool to have a boyfriend.
Oh, those eyes.... Alice stared at Chris's beautiful blue-green eyes. It was a normal French class, Angie was fast asleep, drooling up a miniature pond on her desk (yuck, she's going to get sick! Alice thought), Mouse was picking her nose and flinging spit balls at boys, Michelle and Leo were passing notes, etc etc. Alice caught herself, Oh geez, his eyes? Oh no.... Alice worried. She bit her lip and looked back at Chris. She just couldn't help herself, he was so lovable.... Alice knew it was hopeless, he couldn't love her back. Alice sighed and went back to her work.
Later, I invited Mouse, Leo, Alice, and Jamie to my house. After school, when we were at my house, Leo stood up, "I have an idea!" he announced. "Let's play Spin-The Bottle!" I laughed, "Leo, you are such a kid!"
"Kids don't play Spin The Bottle!" Alice laughed. "Leo just wants a chance to kiss girls!"
"You got that right, Sweets!" Leo said to Alice. Everyone made a "Oooohh!" sound and laughed. Alice shook her head, smiling at Leo's cheesy taunt. But her smile faded and she glanced over nervously at Chris. I knew she wouldn't want to play now.
"So, is everybody in?" I asked. Leo nodded vigorously, Chris shrugged, "Sure." he said, 
but he glanced distastefully at Leo, who backed up a little. Chris rolled his eyes and got up and walked into the center of the room. Jamie laughed and shrugged. She joined Chris in the circle and everyone went "Oooh!' again and we started chattering. Soon, everyone was in the circle except for Alice and Mouse. Mouse had declared that she refused to play and we let it pass. However, we coaxed and begged Alice to play. "Y-you know, you can get Mononucleosis from kissing." She stalled, but she eventually gave in and joined us. We spun the glass OJ 
bottle and it landed on Leo. He laughed with triumph, as if he had magically made the 
bottle point to him. We spun it again and it pointed to Chris. Both of the boys' eyes 
widened with horror. They looked at me for help as everyone laughed. "You have to do 
it!" I said. My friends laughed harder.
Chris and Leo looked at each other with disgust. They both gave me one more pleading 
look and I gestured to them to get on with it. The boys looked at each other again and 
Leo said to me, "Can I close my eyes?" We all laughed. "Sure." I said. They both closed their eyes and smooched. We all went wild, cheering and laughing our heads off. Chris 
and Leo pulled apart, they both looked shocked and horrified at the same time. Chris 
groaned (This was probably the best reaction he could give because Leo might have had a heart attack if Chris had enjoyed it. I guess Chris doesn't really like the smartass type) and
Leo gagged, he looked like he was about to throw up. We all laughed hysterically 
(except for Chris and Leo).
We spun the bottle and it landed on me. We spun it again and it landed on Chris. People laughed, but of course not as hard. Kissing your brother really isn't as funny as your gay friend kissing your totally-not-gay friend. I gave my brother a smooch on the lips (they 
all had to be on the lips. It was part of the rules.) and made a "Mwwa!" sound. My
friends all laughed and cheered.
The game went on for a while and then the bottle pointed at Alice. We all oohed and 
spun the bottle again. It landed on Chris. Alice's huge doe eyes widened to a fuller size 
than imaginable. She blushed and looked up at Chris. This was it. I thought. This would be either really good or really really bad.
Alice and Chris leaned towards each other, all of us watching intensely. They kissed. 
We were all silent. They broke apart. Of course Chris didn't gag or exclaim, but I could tell it didn't appeal to him. Alice opened her eyes and stared into his, a wow look in her eyes. Chris smiled politely as if to say, thanks, but no thanks. Geez, my little brother was so polite it bothered me. I mean, if he was a jerk and said 
something like Eeew! That was horrible!! It would've broken poor Alice's heart. Of 
course, if he was a jerk like that, she wouldn't love him. They sat dramatically in the 
center of the circle for a few more seconds. Alice was staring deeply into Chris's eyes, 
in a trance. Chris smiled at her almost with pity, like he knew that she had liked it a lot more than he did. Finally, they sat back. We all cheered for them. Alice fell from the trance, 
looking down and blushing. She smiled slightly and I almost heard her giggle, but it was so quiet that I wasn't sure if I had actually heard it.
We kept playing and not much happened. I ended up kissing Leo. Eew. I can see why 
Chris wasn't so thrilled to kiss him even though Chris is gay. Leo, however, when I had to kiss him, smirked and leaned back, looking satisfied. I rolled my eyes. The game went on and eventually we stopped it and 
everyone went home. Me and Chris sat in my bedroom. "So, how did you like kissing
Leo?" I asked Chris, smirking. He winced, "Uhg, horrible! Didn't work. Just, bad!" I laughed. I 
decided not to mention Alice. "'Night Chris." I booted him out of my room. "'Night Ange." He said. We went to bed, thinking about what a weird party that was.

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