Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 6 - CHAPTER 4

During recess, I was squatting down behind a bush, watching Harold. Oh god, okay that sounded totally stalkerish but I AM NOT stalking him! He just seemed to get kind of freaked out when we were watching him the other day.... I didn't know why I was doing this. I mean, what was so amazing about this kid anyway? I didn't try to ask him to sit with us again. I guess I just felt like I wanted to make it up to him for scaring him the other day.... Out of nowhere, Chris leaned over my shoulder and said, "What are you doing?" I yelled in surprise. "What the hell, Chris?" We started arguing; You are such a stalker! I am not! What would you call this? *silence* I am NOT a stalker! Ange, you're hiding behind a bush watching that poor kid! No wonder he's afraid of you! Oh whatever Chris! Get up Angie. Don't tell me what to do! I stood up and looked at Chris. "I am not a stalker." Chris snorted, "Yes, you are. Come on, leave the poor kid alone." I rolled my eyes and we left. The very next day, I saw Chris at recess. He was sitting on a swing, looking at Jesse. Not exactly staring, but intense enough that I smirked and walked over to him. Chris didn't notice me, he smiled a little as he looked at Jesse. I came up behind him, "Oh, by the way Jesse, you're out of eggs and milk." I said. Chris whirled around in surprise. "Angie!" he exclaimed, "You scared me!"
 I laughed. "You little hypocrite! You're just as much of a stalker as I am!" Chris stood up. "You are so wrong, Angie." he said, "I don't hide behind bushes and drool at people!" We started arguing and Jesse came over. "Hey have you seen Jamie anywhere?" Chris and I stopped arguing and Chris's head tilted to the side a little. I grinned, "No, uh- I haven't. Have you, Chris?" Chris caught himself, "Um- no. N-no, I... haven't." Jesse looked at Chris for a minute and said, "O-okay. Thanks." And he walked away. After he was gone, Chris and I looked at each other. "You were all googly-eyes just then. You totally love him!" I said. Chris shook his head, "'Love' is such a strong word, Angie! Sure, maybe 'like' but not love...." I wondered what it was that Jamie disliked about Jesse so much. I mean, he seemed nice. He wasn't like the football players who would have just said, "What are you looking at, Freak?" and shoved Chris into the nearest garbage can. That has happened twice already and Chris wasn't even staring dreamily at them like that. Jesse at least seemed nicer than that. Chris sat down on the swing again. I whispered in his ear, in a high-pitched dreamy tone, "He looked at me.... Oh Angie! Can you believe it?" Chris looked at me, blushing and looking kind of pissed, but not seriously mad. "Angie!" he exclaimed. I laughed again. Chris shook his head at my "childishness", but he was smiling so I knew he wasn't mad. "See you later, Chris!" I said, laughing, and I left.

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  1. poor chris..u don't know Jesse that well!! he's creapy