Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cool With A "K". PART 6 - CHAPTER 1

Ooh you make me live....  Alice thought no one could hear her.... Whatever this world can give to me, It's you you're all I see! She was so sucked into her own little world that she didn't hear her mom and cousin, Tyler, open the kitchen door, coming home from the grocery. Ooo you make me live now honey! Alice's mom turned the backdoor key.... Ooo you make me live! Her mom and Tyler came into the kitchen, Alice was still completely oblivious to what was happening in the real world. She danced around her room stupidly, in her pajamas, using a spray bottle of disinfectant as a microphone. Ooh you're the best friend that I ever had, I've been with you such a long time. You're my sunshine! and I want you to know that my feelings are true, She sang loudly. I really loooove yooou! Oh you're my best friend! Alice sang out the last note, high pitched and long. Her mother and cousin Tyler heard her and Tyler ran down the hall and flung open Alice's door. Alice stopped singing and whipped around. Shocked, her hand squeezed the squirt bottle of disinfectant that she was holding and it squirted right into her eyes. Alice let out a long loud shriek. Her mom soon rushed into the room, "Tyler! Did you put the dog's chew toy on Alice's pillow again? Damn it Tyler, I told you not to do that again!" 
10-year-old Tyler violently shook his head. Alice's mom saw Alice and rushed to her aid. She put her arm around Alice's shoulders and quickly helped her walk into the bathroom. "Oh no Sweetie! Did it get into your eyes? Oh, I told you not to use that stuff so much!" Alice was crying embarrassed tears mixed with disinfectant spray. "I...I..." She couldn't believe she had been so stupid, singing and dancing around like a fool, resulting in something mind-bogglingly careless. Alice washed the spray out of her eyes and retreated back to her room and closed the door, trying not to slam it. "Do you need anything Alice?" her mother asked. 
"No." Alice shoved her face into her pillow and cried more. Tyler stood by the door, trying to listen in case his cousin said anything embarrassing. Alice's mother pulled him away from the door. 
After crying for a while, Alice lifted her head and propped it up with her elbows, thinking over what had just happened. She sighed and said to herself, "Oh Chris, I do love you." She knew it was ridiculous, but the feeling just kept getting stronger.

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  1. Oh my god...poor Alice...."i told you not to use to much of that stuff"
    Nice!!!! Oh god, Chris haz to many people that are in love with him! Geez chris! he must be damn cute..well duh he's like Kurt..im kiding..kinda....