Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28 - CHAPTER 6

When Kathy was at her locker a few days later, Stephanie, the head cheerleader, slammed Kathy's locker in her face. Gwen, Stephanie, Michelle, and Melonie stood in front of Kathy.
Kathy looked at her, surprised, and said, "Um... Hello?"
Stephanie smirked and said, "Oh, so you still have enough nerve to talk to us?"
Michelle shook her head and said, "What a loser..."
Kathy knit her eyebrows and said, "Huh?"
The cheerleaders laughed meanly and Stephanie said, "Oh, you still don't know?"
Stephanie pursed her glossy lips and said, "Well, you'll find out soon enough."
Lester passed by and said, "Ooh, you just got told, girlfriend!"
All the girls gave him a look. Lester hung his head and said, walking away, "Sorry..."
Kathy looked at Stephanie and said, "So, what's going on?"
The cheerleaders laughed again and Stephanie said, "You'll find out."
With that, the girls walked past Kathy and Melonie hit Kathy books out of her hands.
"Oops." Gwen said, giggling meanly.
Kathy sighed and bent down to pick up her books. She wiped her hair out of her face, stood up, and walked toward math class.
Buck and Joey walked by Kathy and Buck smacked her butt.
Kathy whirled around in surprise and gaped at him.
Buck and Joey looked back at Kathy. They laughed stupidly, high-fived, and kept walking.
Kathy scowled in their direction and bumped into Becky, a girl from the Volunteering Committee.
"Watch where you're going, loser?" Becky said, walking past Kathy.
Kathy watched her leave, confused.
"Why is everyone acting like this?" She said to herself, walking into Math.
As she sat down, some girls giggled and whispered things.
Kathy sighed and tried to focus on her work.

As Kathy was walking out to recess, someone put their hand on her shoulder and said, "Kathy?"
Kathy turned around and said, "Oh... Hi, Jenny."
Jenny said softly, "Kathy, may I talk to you for a minute?"
Kathy looked around and said, "Uh, yeah, I guess..."
Jenny pulled her aside and studied her. Jenny said gently, "Um... I'm not sure how to tell you this, Kathy, but..."
Her voice trailed off and Kathy gave her a confused look, "What?"
Jenny bit her lip and looked at Kathy.

"You're off the cheerleading squad."

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