Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 27 - CHAPTER 1

I walked to the bus on Monday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the grass was green... Everything was finally back to normal.
"Hey, Ange," Chris said, "Do you think Kathy will have gotten over the party by now?"
I scowled and my shoulders fell.
Chris tilted his head to the side and studied me, "What?"
"Damn it." I said.
"What?" Chris said again.
"I just though everything would be all cool again, and then you reminded me that Kathy's pissed at us." I grumbled.
Chris sighed and said, "Well, we can only hope she'll feel better today."
I nodded and said, "Yeah..."

Kathy wasn't better. She wouldn't talk to Chris, Leo, Tae-Hyun, Alice, me, or even Jenny.
Tae-Hyun was watching Kathy at lunch.
"Oh, I feel so bad for Kathy." Tae-Hynu sighed, leaning her head on her fist.
We all looked at her.
"What are you talking about?" Leo said, "She was terrible. Why do you feel bad for her?"
"Well, if she did that to me," Tae-Hyun said, "She had to be taking out her feelings about something on me. People don't just go crazy like that."
Mouse shrugged and said, "Kathy does."
Chris gave her a look, "You know, Tae-Hyun has a point."
"I don't think so." Leo said, crossing his arms, "She lied to Tae-Hyun, she hurt her, she slapped Jenny in the face, and she yelled at everyone else. She's a monster."
"Come on, Leo." I said, "Cut her some slack."
Leo shook his head, "She doesn't get any of my sympathy."
"Damn, Leo." Mouse said, "I would think that you would stick up for the chick you used to have a crush on."
Tae-Hyun gave Leo a surprised look and said, "You used to like Kathy?"
"What? No!" Leo said, blushing, "I-I never did."
Chris laughed, "Oh, sure, Leo. You were so in love with her!"
"No, I wasn't, Chris..." Leo said, "I-"
"Remember when he took her to the dance?" Alice teased, "And he entered the dance competition with Chris and I..."
"Alice! Come on, you too?" Leo pleaded.
Alice started laughing and Chris said, "Ah, good times."
Leo glanced at Tae-Hyun. She forced back a smile and said, "Um, wow, Leo. That is very... Interesting."
Alice, Mouse, Chris, Tae-Hyun, and I all started laughing.
Leo's face got red again and he said, "C-come on, guys! I never liked Kathy!"
All of our faces fell and I said, "Um... Leo..."
"She's always been a jealous, stuck-up girl who doesn't care about anyone but herself." Leo said, "I could never like someone like her, even back when we went to the dance."
"Leo!" Chris hissed, his eyes wide.
"What, Chris?" Leo said sharply.
Chris give Leo a look and nodded toward him.
Leo turned around to see Michelle, Gwen, and Kathy standing behind him.
"K-Kathy!" Leo said, his eyes getting wide.
Kathy looked hurt. No, more than hurt; She looked heartbroken.
Leo looked sorry, but then his face fell into a scowl.
"That's right," He said, "I could never like someone who will start a fight with an innocent girl for no reason."
Alice, Chris, Tae-Hyun, Mouse, and I stared at him, speechless.
Kathy's eyes got red with tears, she shook her head, and she turned and walked away with the other cheerleaders.
Leo turned back to us and said, "Well, that takes care of her."
"You are such a jerk." Chris said, staring.
Leo held up his hands and said, "What? I was just defending Tae-Hyun and everyone else Kathy hurt!"
"I can defend myself, Leo." Tae-Hyun said, giving him a serious look, "Kathy is a strong, smart girl, but you have hurt her... She may be strong, but everyone gets weak when people work to knock them down."
Leo didn't say anything.
Tae-Hyun didn't look mad, but she did look dead serious. She put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Be careful, Leo. It can surprise you how delicate people can be."
Leo stared at Tae-Hyun and watched her get up and walk away.
Leo looked at me and said, ".... Am I... Really that much of a jerk?"
"You're not a jerk, Leo." Alice said, "But Tae-Hyun is right."
"You were pretty hard on Kathy." Chris said.
Leo said softly, like he was trying not to cry, "I was just trying to..."
"Help?" I said gently, nodding, "I know, Leo, but I think you should apologize to her."
Leo bit his lip and nodded, "I can at recess."

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