Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 26 - CHAPTER 1

Leo and Mouse came home from school and Leo called, "Mom, we're home!"
"Ciao, my children!" Jessica, Leo's mom (Mouse's step mother) said, coming into the living room, "How was school?"
"It was okay, I guess..." Leo said.
Jessica put her hands on her wide hips and said, "Leo, what's wrong?"
She tilted her son's chin up and said, "Hm?"
"That's it, I don't care about this." Mouse said, and she went upstairs.
Leo looked down at the floor and said, "A bunch of girls threw eggs and me and Tae-Hyun today."
Jessica hit Leo upside the back of his head.
Leo put his hand on his head and said, "OW! What was that for?"
"What did you do to those poor girls, Leo?" Jessica snapped in her thick Italian accent.
"Nothing!" Leo exclaimed, "They were mad at Tae-Hyun for lying!"
Jessica hit her son again and he said, "Ow! Stop!"
"Look at you, Leo. Talking nonsense into your friends." Jessica cried, hitting him again, "Testadura!"
"Mooom!" Leo groaned.
Mouse leaned in from the hallway and said, "Hey, Jessica. You should let us have some friends over on Saturday."
Jessica turned and looked at her. "Oh, sure, Mousey.
She turned back to her son and said, "Now, you be nice to them."
"They're my friends, Mom." Leo said, "It's not like I'm gonna be a jerk."
"Alright, alright." Jessica said, waving her hand, "How many friends?"
"Oh, you know." Mouse said, "Angie and Chris and Alice..."
"Tae-Hyun." Leo said softly.
"Quiet." Mouse said, "We'll ask Ange about anyone else."
Jessica crossed her arms and said, "You really expect me to let you have that many people over?"
"Well..." Mouse and Leo said slowly.
Jessica smiled and ruffled their hair, "Fine, kids. Have your fun, but don't expect that I will just let you have tons of people over all of the time."
"Okay. Thanks, Mom." Leo said.
Jessica nodded and headed for the kitchen, "I'm making chili tonight."
"Okay." Mouse and Leo both said.

The next day on the bus, Leo came to school and told Chris, Alice, and I that he and Mouse were inviting people over to their house on Saturday.
"Should we invite anybody else?" Leo said.
"How about Kathy?" I said.
"Ew, why?" Mouse said.
I gave her a look and said, "We really need to clear the air with her. She's not that bad, she's just been a little..."
"Bitchy?" Mouse suggested.
"I was going to say moody." I scolded her.
Mouse shrugged casually and Alice said, "Kathy has been a little... Rude."
I threw up my arms and said, "Will you guys give her a break?"
Chris nodded, "Angie's right. We're being too hard on Kathy. Let's invite her, maybe she'll surprise us."
"By slapping me again?" Alice said.
"Alice!" I said, "Come on, help us out here."
Leo shrugged, "I'm okay with inviting her."
"Fine." Mouse agreed.
We all turned to Alice. She scowled and pursed her lips.
"Alice..." Chris said gently, "What do you think?'
Alice gritted her teeth and said, "Fine."
"Okay." I said, clapping my hands together, "How about Jenny?"
Leo said, "Sure, she's nice."
"And we're inviting Geoffry." Chris said.
Leo, Mouse, and I groaned. Surprisingly, Mouse out-groaned me.
"No, we're not inviting Geoffry." Mouse said.
Chris crossed his arms, "Why. Not."
"Because," Mouse said, "He's a stupid, preppy, perverted, air-headed, good for nothing idiot!"
Alice, Chris, Leo, and I exchanged silent looks. We burst out laughing.
"S-shut up!" Mouse said, "Why are you laughing?"
Leo snorted, "You just don't want him to come over because he's in love with you."
Chris' silvery blue eyes widened. I could almost read his mind; Oh no he did not just say that.
"Did you just say..." Chris said through clenched teeth, "That Geoffry is in love with Mouse?"
"No, he's not." Mouse said, scowling at Leo.
Chris gave Leo a look and Leo said, smirking, "Oh, please, Mouse. He totally is."
"No, he's not!" Mouse said, "Geoffry is not in love with me!"
I bus pulled up to the school.
Chris narrowed his eyes and said, "Oh, he better not be."
Chris got off the school bus and stormed into the school.
The rest of us got off the bus and I watched my brother go into our school.
"Oh, no." I said.
"What's he... Gonna do?" Leo said slowly.
I shook my head, "I don't know, something bad."
Mouse shrugged, "Hopefully it's something bad to Geoffry."
"Yeah..." I said.
"Angie," Alice said.

Just before homeroom began, Chris went up to Geoffry and closed Geoffry's locker in his face.
Geoffry looked at Chris and said, smiling, "Oh, hey, Baby."
"What did you do with Mouse at the dance?" Chris said sharply.
Geoffry's face fell and he said, "What do you mean?"
"What," Chris said, "Did you do... With Mouse... At the dance?"
"Nothing, Babe." Geoffry said, "What's wrong?"
"Leo said that you're in love with her." Chris said, a jealous firmness to his voice, "Is that true?"
Geoffry smiled crookedly and said, "Naw, Baby. I love you."
Chris crossed his arms and said, "Do you really?"
Geoffry slid his arms around Chris' waist and put his forehead against Chris'.
"Of course. You have nothing to worry about, Sweetheart." Geoffry said.
Chris giggled and smiled. He put his hand behind Geoffry's head and kissed him.
The Study Hall teacher, Ms. Potter, walked by with a cup of coffee and said, "Not in the hallway."
Chris and Geoffry backed away from each other and put their hands in the air defensively.

I walked by the lockers with Alice before homeroom and saw Chris and Geoffry kissing.
"Well, then." I said.
"I guess Chris isn't mad." Alice said, shrugging.

No kidding.

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