Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 25 - CHAPTER 7

I walked to our table at lunch. Alice was already there.
"Hi, Alice." I said, sitting down next to her.
"Hi, Angie..." She replied.
I furrowed my brow and said, "Hey, are you okay?"
Alice picked through her mashed potatoes and said glumly, "Yeah, I'm fine..."
I took her fork out of her hand and she continued moving her hand as if she was still stirring her food with the fork.
"Alice." I said.
She looked at me sadly and I said, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing..." Alice sighed, taking the fork back, "Just..."
"Just what?" I pried.
Alice stirred her food more and said, "Chris is going to the dance... With Geoffry."
My eyes widened a little and I said, "Really?"
Alice nodded sadly and I said, "But.... Chris always goes with you."
Alice gave me a look and I said, "Oh... I get it now."
Alice looked back at her lunch and breathed in. She was trying not to cry.
"It's just..." Alice said, "He's my best friend and... It's a tradition. We always make our own matching clothes and go to the school dances together. It shouldn't be making me sad, I mean, Chris and Geoffry are dating. They can go to dances together."
"But it was always your thing." I said understandingly, "Is it possible that you're a little jealous that Geoffry gets to be with Chris?"
Alice stared down at her food and a tear fell onto her tray.
"I'm sorry, Alice." I said.
"No," Alice said, wiping her face, "Chris doesn't like girls the way I like him. I've known him for ten years, I should have gotten used to that by now."
"Well," I said, "I feel your pain. Geoffry's an asshole."
Then, I realized how hard it probably was for Alice to watch Chris and Geoffry kiss at our movie night.
"No, he's not, Angie." Alice said, "We're biased. I don't want Geoffry to be with Chris because I like Chris, and you-"
"I don't like him because I think he's dangerous." I said, "It's not your fault, Alice."
Alice sniffled and a tear rolled down her cheek.
"Hey, it's okay." I said.
Chris and Geoffry walked over and sat down.
Right away, Alice got up and walked away.
"Alice!" Chris said.
"I have to go to the bathroom." Alice called back.
Chris stood up and I said, "Chris, you can't go into the girls' bathroom with her."
"Your sister's right, Baby." Geoffry said, smooching Chris' cheek, "She's a smart girl."
Geoffry smirked at me and I grimaced back.
Leo, Mouse, and Tae-Hyun came and sat down.
"Hey, Angela." Leo said.
"Hi." I said.
Mouse looked around and said, "Hey, where's the ginger?"
"Bathroom." I said, turning to look across the table at Chris and Geoffry, "So, I heard you two are going to the dance together."
Chris looked at me, looking concerned, and Geoffry hugged him closer.
"Yep." Geoffry said, "Won't we look just adorable in matching tuxes?"
I smiled tightly and said, "No, not really."
Geoffry scowled at me and Chris said, "Oh, no. That's not why Alice left, is it?"
"Of course not, Dumbass." I said sharply, "Why would she cry over you?"
Chris looked hurt and Geoffry said, "What is your problem, Angie? Why don't you just leave Chris alone?"
"Why don't you leave Chris alone?" I said, "And don't call me Angie."
"You are so rude, Angela." Geoffry said, pouting.
Mouse said, "Shut up, Pretty Boy."
Geoffry looked at Mouse and smiled flirtily, but I don't think Chris noticed.
Mouse grimaced and looked away.
Tae-Hyun and Leo talked amongst themselves about something completely different, trying to stay out of the conversation.
Alice came back into the lunchroom and sat down next to me.
"Hey, you're back." Leo said to her.
Alice nodded and smiled weakly.
Geoffry eyed her and ran his fingers through Chris' hair.
Alice glanced at him, then looked down at her lunch tray.

Geoffry is such a jerk.

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