Monday, November 8, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 26 - CHAPTER 4

Jenny walked out of the closet with a small, coy smile on her face.
Kathy followed behind her and she looked very, very confused.
I looked at Chris questioningly and he shrugged.
"So, um," Jenny said, clearing her throat and brushing her hair out of her face, "Geoffry, you go next."
Geoffry smirked and spun the bottle. It landed on Chris. Wonderful.
Geoffry and Chris smirked at each other suggestively and I rolled my eyes.
They got up and went into the closet and I wondered if I should be scared.

Geoffry backed Chris against the back wall of the closet and kissed him.
Chris kissed him back, running his hands through Geoffry's fluffy blonde hair.
Geoffry wrapped one arm around Chris' waist and he put his opposite hand on Chris' chest, fingering the buttons on Chris' shirt.
Chris grasped his hand and said, "No."
Geoffry looked disappointed, but Chris put Geoffry's hand back on his waist and Geoffry was happy to kiss him again.

The rest of us sat outside of the closet. We all knew they were making out.
"Hey," Mouse said in a hushed voice, "You know what sounds like a lot of fun?"
We all shook our heads and watched Mouse go over to the closet. We all snickered and Mouse whispered, "Embarrassing Chris and Geoffry!"
She threw open the closet doors, letting us get a good look at the boys in the closet.
Chris and Geoffry whirled around in surprise. Geoffry's arms were around Chris and Chris had his back to the wall and his arms around Geoffry's neck.
"WHAT THE HELL, MOUSE?" Chris yelled, stomping out of the closet, "That was not seven minutes!"
"Sure it was." Mouse said, crossing her arms over her chest, "Time flies when you're sucking face."
Chris glared at her and said, "You are such a jerk."
Mouse shrugged, grinning, "I know."
I snickered and Chris shot me a look. He passed by me and grumbled, "Your turn, Angie."
I stared at the glass bottle. I swallowed and I slowly spun the bottle.
It stopped on Geoffry.
Geoffry and I stared at each other with an identical look of surprise.
"No." I said, "No, no, no. I will take anyone but him."
"Um, yes." Geoffry ran his fingers through his hair awkwardly, "I-I don't think this a very good idea-"
"Into the closet!" Kathy pushed us into the center of the circle and we stood up.
"No." I said again, "I won't do it and you can't make me."
Chris was staring at us with wide, scared eyes. He knew this would not end well.
"Yes, I can." Mouse said, "I could tell everyone about Jonah Perry in seventh grade."
I narrowed my eyes at her, "You wouldn't."
"I would." Mouse said, smirking.
"Now, take your turn!" Kathy said, and she and Jenny shoved me and Geoffry into the closet.

Geoffry and I sat on the floor of the closet, about a foot and a half apart, and the light was on.
I was crossing my arms and scowling prissily at the air.
Geoffry glanced at me.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him slowly move.
Geoffry slowly scooted closer to me.
What are you doing, Canning? I thought.
Without a word, Geoffry smacked his hand onto my upper thigh.
A second after his hand touched me, I punched him in the face.

"OW!! OH MY GOD, ANGELA, I THINK YOU BROKE MY NOSE!!!!" Geoffry's scream came from the closet.
"Well, that can either be really good or really bad." Kathy said nonchalantly.
Everyone turned and looked at her.
Then, the closet doors swung open and Geoffry fell onto the floor.
Chris stood up and squealed, "Geoffry!"
He ran over to Geoffry and helped him up, "Are you okay, Sweetie?"
"Oh, God..." Geoffry groaned, holding his nose with one hand, "Yeah, I think so..."
Geoffry gave his nose a loud, sickening crack and said, "Ah, it's happened a million times. I'm used to it."
Geoffry sat down and Chris said to himself, "What has?"
I walked out of the closet and, pointing a finger at Geoffry, shrieked, "That little twerp just tried to touch me!"
"I did not, you filthy little liar." Geoffry said, wiggling his nose around uncomfortably.
"What are you talking about?" I said, "You put your hand on my leg and I punched you!"
"You punched him?" Chris squeaked, "Angie!"
"What? I was defending myself." I said.
Chris rolled his eyes and sat back down next to Geoffry, "Whatever. Sure you were."
I sighed, irritated, and sat down.
Alice looked around the circle, "Oh, um, I guess it's my turn..."
She spun the bottle and I could almost see a bead of sweat form on her forehead.
The bottle stopped at Mouse.
Mouse smirked and stood up. 
"Oh... My God..." Alice said, eyes wide.
She took Alice's hand and said mockingly, "Come on, Honey! Let's go play in a dark room!"
Alice looked at Chris and whimpered.
"I'm sorry." He said with pity.

Alice stood against one wall of the closet, clenching her teeth.
Mouse held her finger less than an inch away from Alice's arm.
"Stop touching me, Mouse!" Alice snapped.
"I'm not touching you." Mouse said in a really obnoxious voice, "I'm not touching yooou!"
"Stop it, Mouse." Alice said, hitting her hand away.
Mouse pointed at her and said, "That was you. I did not touch you, you touched me."
"Don't you have anything better to do then make everyone else miserable?" Alice said.
Mouse smirked and said mockingly, "Alice, you're so cute when you're angry."
Alice sneered, "Enough, Mouse. Really."
Mouse poked Alice's arm and Alice yelled, "MOUSE!"

Everyone else sat outside the closet, listening to Alice yell and Mouse laugh.
"Listen to them bicker." Chris said, shaking his head, "Those girls will never get along, will they?"
I said, "Chris, no one gets along with Mouse."
"Wow," Tae-Hyun said, "That's as mad as I have heard Alice."
"She doesn't get mad very often." Leo said, "But Mouse can make anyone mad. It's kind of her thing."

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