Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28 - CHAPTER 4

Kathy opened the front door to her house and went inside.
"Hey, I'm home." She called.
Kathy's twelve-year-old brother, Lunkwill, came in from the hall and said, "Oh, hey, Kath. Mom's picking up Joey and Beanie from daycare and dad's in his 'cave'."
"Okay. Where's everyone else?" Kathy asked.
"Cam's out somewhere and Liz is at the mall with her friends." Lunkwill said.
Kathy nodded and said softly, "Fun..."
Lunkwill nodded and said, "So..."
"Hey, Lunkwill?"
Lunkwill looked up and said, "Yeah?"
Kathy pursed her lips and said, "Um... What... What would you do... If a boy kissed you?"
Lunkwill scowled and said, "Enough of the jokes already, Kathy. I'm not gay."
"That's... Not why I'm asking." Kathy said softly, "I'm just saying... How would you react?"
"What do you mean?" Lunkwill asked, confused.
"Would you get mad?" Kathy said, "Would you be flattered? Or what?"
Lunkwill knit his eyebrows and said, "Uhh... I don't know, I've never wondered how I would react if a guy kissed me."
"Well... What if it was one of your friends?" Kathy said.
Lunkwill eyed his sister and said, "What's this about?"
Kathy stared at her brother for a long time. She shook her head, "Nothing. Sorry to bother you."
Lunkwill looked like he was going to say something else, but Kathy turned and walked down the hall to her bedroom.
She closed the door and stared at her room. Everything was so perfect in that one little room. There was a white dresser with tons of little trinkets and China dolls and a music box. There was a bed with a white frame and very pink sheets and dark pink pillows. The walls were white and at the foot of the bed was a white wicker table with a TV on it.
It was a very girly little room, but everything had its place and nothing ever went wrong. Not once. That was what Kathy liked so much about her bedroom.

It was simple and beautiful.

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