Monday, November 8, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 26 - CHAPTER 5

A few minutes later, Kathy said, "Time's up!"

Alice opened the closet door and stormed out.
"My goodness, Mouse." She said, "You make me so mad!"
"I can tell." Mouse said, "You said 'my goodness'. You sure are a rebel."
Alice glared at Mouse and they both sat back down.
"Mouse's turn." Tae-Hyun said.
Mouse looked at her and said, "Come on, I just went."
"Well," Leo said, "You get to go again."
Mouse sighed heavily and spun the bottle. It spun, slowed, and stopped on Geoffry.
Mouse looked at him distastefully and said, "Good Lord, you have got to be kidding me."
Geoffry smiled flirtily and said, "Oh, what's wrong, Mouse? Are you afraid?"
"No, but I am disgusted, sickened, disturbed, and offended." Mouse said bitterly.
"Ooh, that's a pretty big vocabulary you have." Geoffry said, smirking.
Chris' jaw tensed and he gave Geoffry a look.
Everyone watched silently as Mouse and Geoffry got up.
Geoffry walked over to the closet, but Mouse just stood in her place, scowling.
Geoffry looked back at her, "Come on."
Mouse groaned and followed him into the closet.
Once the door was closed, I smirked at Chris and said, "Wow, they seem really into each other."
Chris scowled at me and Tae-Hyun, Leo, and Alice stifled laughter.
"That's not funny." Chris hissed.
Tae-Hyun and Alice stopped smiling, but Leo snickered.

Geoffry closed the closet door and looked at Mouse coyly.
"So," He said, putting his arm against the wall next to her, "Come here often?"
Mouse nodded, "I live here."
Geoffry snorted and gestured to the tiny room, "In the closet?"
Mouse gave him a look and said, "In the house, you dumbass."
Geoffry pursed his lips and said, "You know, you have spunk."
He leaned in closer to her and said, "I like that."
Mouse wrinkled her nose, "Ew."
"Come on, Mouse." Geoffry said, edging closer to her, "Why don't you like me like I like you?"
Mouse scoffed, "You don't like me. Why would you?"
"Well," Geoffry said, smiling warmly, "You have a great sense of humor. You make me laugh, you're clever, you're smart..."
Geoffry looked Mouse up and down and, smirking, said, "You're hot."
Mouse laughed hollowly, "Okay, now I know you're kidding."
"No, I'm not." Geoffry said, leaning in closer, "Why would I?"
Mouse stared at him with a confused, slightly angry look on her face.
"What have you got to lose, Mouse?" Geoffry whispered.
"My sanity." Mouse said, "My personality, my dignity..."
"Your rep?" Geoffry asked.
Mouse didn't say anything and Geoffry smirked.
"Oh, what the hell." Mouse said, and she kissed Geoffry.
He kissed her back.

Outside of the closet, Leo and Kathy and I were teasing Chris about what could be going on in the closet.
"Nothing. Is. Happening." Chris said through clenched teeth, "I know Geoffry and I know Mouse. Nothing is happening!"
"I bet they're making out." Kathy snickered.
Leo looked at Kathy and said, "Dude, seriously. I'm with Chris, you guys talking about his boyfriend and my step sister like that is disturbing."
Kathy and I started laughing.
Chris' face turned red; He was pissed.
"Well," Kathy said, getting up, "Let's see what's going on, shall we?"
I snickered and Leo said, "Oh, okay..."

The second Kathy flung open the closet door, Mouse backed off from Geoffry and punched him in the face.
"OW!" Geoffry said, "What the hell was that for?"
"Mouse!" Chris shrieked, "Why would you do that?"
"Don't touch me like that, you creep!" Mouse said.
Geoffry looked confused and said, "What?"
Mouse stomped on his foot and he bent over and screamed, "OW! STOP THAT!"
Kathy closed the door and cruelly said, "You two have fun in there!"
"Kathy..." Chris said.
Kathy turned around, "What?"
"What... Have you done?" Chris said.

After the closet door was closed again, Geoffry said to Mouse, "What the hell was that for?"
"I'm sorry, Geoffry." Mouse said.
Geoffry looked up at her and she added, "... Okay, no I'm not."
Geoffry stood up straight and said, "So, is this how you treat all your boyfriends?"
"I've never had a boyfriend," Mouse said, "And you are not my boyfriend."
"What are you saying, you don't like me?" Geoffry said.
Mouse glared at him and said, "I don't want you to be my boyfriend. I don't date."
Geoffry smirked and said smartly, "You just make out with boys in closets?"
"Not on a daily basis." Mouse said, smiling a little.
Geoffry smiled and said in a whisper, "Wanna kiss again?"
Mouse shrugged, "Sure, why not?"

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