Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 25 - CHAPTER 6

That day in Social Studies (the teachers usually make their announcements in either Social Studies or French), the school coordinator, Ms. Chao, came in and told us about the events going on for the next month.
"At the end of the month," Ms. Chao said, pausing dramatically, "We'll have our fall dance!"
Everyone started chattering at once.
"Now, now, I know you're all excited." Ms. Chao said, adding, "It'll be a lot of fun. Be sure to bring a date."
I slumped down in my seat. Was she directing that comment at me or something?
I never bring a date to the dance. Usually, I go with Chris and Alice and Leo, but Leo's probably going to bring someone this year. Michelle got really pissed off at him when he brought Kathy to the last dance.

During passing time, Tae-Hyun closed her locker and Leo was standing there.
Tae-Hyun smiled and said, brushing her hair out of her face, "Oh, hi, Leo."
"Guess what?" Leo said with a smile, "You should come to the dance."
"Shh!" Tae-Hyun said, lowering her voice, "I'm sorry, Leo, but I can't go."
Tae-Hyun gave Leo a look and said, gesturing to her clothes, "I'm a boy, remember? If I go to the dance with you, it might blow my cover."
Leo's smile faded and he said, disappointed, "Oh, yeah..."
Tae-Hyun said sadly, "I'm sorry, I wish I could go. I really do."
A slow smile spread across Leo's face and he said, "You should go anyway."
"No, Leo." Tae-Hyun shook her head, "I will be tormented forever."
Leo nodded sadly and said softly, "Okay. I'll see you later, Dude."
Tae-Hyun opened her mouth to say more, but Leo had already turned to walk to Study Hall.

When Chris was at his locker, Alice ran up to him and said excitedly, "Hi, Chris! Do you have any ideas for what we're going to wear for the dance?"
"Alice..." Chris said, closing his locker.
"You always have some pretty extravagant ideas." Alice said, beaming.
Chris bit his lip and said, "Alice, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but..."
Just then, Geoffry came up and slid his arm around Chris' waist.
"I'm so sorry, Alice. Chris and I are already going together." Geoffry said, giving her an obviously fake sympathetic look, "Sorry."
Alice's smile faded and she looked from Chris' reluctant expression to Geoffry's mocking pout.
"Oh, um, it's okay." Alice said, tucking her reddish hair behind her ear, "I can just... Find someone else."
"Yeah, or stay home or something." Geoffry said, smiling and pulling Chris to his chest.
Alice glanced at Chris; He had an 'I'm sorry' look in his eyes.
Alice looked back at Geoffry and smiled weakly.
"Yeah, something like that." She said, turning to leave, "You kids have fun."
"Alice..." Chris said, but Alice was already walking away.
Chris looked up at Geoffry and said, "Did you have to be so blunt?"
Geoffry put Chris' head to his chest and stroked his hair.
"She'll be fine, Darling." Geoffry said, smirking, "Don't worry about Alice. She can read a book or something."
Chris was about to say something, but Geoffry said, "Come along, Sweetheart. Let's go to sixth hour."
"I don't have sixth hour with you." Chris said.
"Well, I can walk you Study Hall." Geoffry said.
Chris smiled up at him. Geoffry could be sooo sweet.

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