Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28 - CHAPTER 3

Kathy sat at her desk in Study Hall, watching Gwen, Michelle, and Melonie make fun of Becky (one of the members of the Volunteering Committee) and Lester.
Kathy sighed and stared down at her homework. The other cheerleaders didn't even ask her to help them throw wads of paper and erasers at the unpopular kids. Not that Kathy really wanted to. It was mean, but usually they at least asked her if she wanted to join them.
The bell rang for lunch and Kathy packed up her homework and slung her backpack over her shoulders.
Kathy walked through the crowded hallway, toward the stairwell.
One kid bumped into her and she fell to the floor. The kid didn't stop walking.
Kathy pushed herself up on her arms. She was shaking under the weight of her backpack. She almost wanted to just lay there on the floor until someone stopped to ask if she was okay, but what if no one did?
Kathy shakily got to her feet and slung her backpack over her shoulders again. She blew some of her hair out of her face and walked to the lunchroom.

Kathy walked with her lunch to the cheerleaders' table. She stopped walking when she was a couple yards away.
Should I say something? Kathy thought.
"Uh..." She said softly, biting her lip. "Hey, guys."
Melonie, Stephanie, Gwen, and some of the other bitchy cheerleaders looked at Kathy distastefully.
"Oh... Hi, Kathy." Stephanie said.
Kathy's lips tightened around her teeth and she sat down awkwardly between two girls.
The girls looked at her, annoyed, for a second. Then, they went back to eating and chattering with the others.
"Hi, Kathy." Jenny said from across the table, smiling warmly.
Kathy glanced up from her lunch tray and smiled a tiny bit.
Jenny... She thought, She's so sweet. It's really good to hear someone say my name like they're happy to see me.
Then, Kathy's smile faded and she looked down at her lunch again.
Jenny's face fell sadly and she looked disappointed. She sighed and picked through her food.
Kathy stirred her lunch and thought, What was that about, Kathy? Why act like that to Jenny? She's nice.
Kathy pondered these questions and couldn't come up with an answer.
She kissed me. Kathy thought eventually, Is that why I'm upset with her?
Kathy glanced at Jenny and Jenny smiled warmly at her.
Kathy looked down at her lunch again and remained silent.

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