Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 25 - CHAPTER 5

On the way to school on Monday, I left before Chris did. He jogged out of the house and met me.
"Hey, Angie." He said.
I glared at him and adjusted my books in my arms.
Chris furrowed his brow and said, "Don't look at me like that. What's wrong?"
"You know what's wrong." I said, "You and your little boyfriend's touching session during the party."
"'Touching session?'" Chris snorted, "Really, Angie, I think you're exaggerating."
"He had his hand on your ass!" I said, "What the hell do you call that?"
Chris pursed his lips and said, "He's my boyfriend, Angie-"
"I know he's your 'boyfriend', that doesn't mean he can touch you like that." I said, "Especially in front of company. That was really rude of you guys."
Chris crossed his arms and said snottily, "So, does that mean you'd prefer we did it in private?"
"No, Chris." I said, "You're not listening to me. I'm telling you that you need to be more careful about him."
"You just hate him." Chris said.
"No, I don't 'just hate him'." I said, "I know him too. You even said you understand why I'm like that around him. You know that you can't trust Geoffry 100% all the time. Listen to me."
Chris scowled at me.
"I know that you like Geoffry." I said, "I know you're in a relationship with him... Just be careful with what you let him do. Remember what happened last time?"
Then I remembered what happened 'last time'. Geoffry had put his hand down the back of Chris' pants and Chris 'broke up' with him and wouldn't talk to anyone for a week. This time, Geoffry had grabbed Chris' butt and Chris didn't care at all. I was suddenly a little freaked out.
"Geoffry changed, Angie." Chris said through clenched teeth, "He's better than that."
Oh, so now instead of touching your butt, he'll touch your crotch if you ask him to? I thought. I would never actually say something like that, but you have no idea how tempted I was this time.
"Is he really?" I said.
Chris narrowed his eyes at me and nodded.
"Okay," I said, patting his shoulder, "Just be careful."
I walked ahead and Chris dragged his feet.
His expression softened sadly and he wondered if all of what he had just said was really true.

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