Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 27 - CHAPTER 2

Alice walked down the hallway to recess to find her friends. She was alone and the hallway was empty and echoey.
Alice heard someone else's footsteps behind her and turned around.
Geoffry stood before her, barely a foot away, smiling.
Alice jumped and said, "Oh, Geoffry, it's you. You scared me."
"Oh, I'm sorry." He said, smirking, "Hey, I missed you at the party."
Alice looked confused, "... What do you mean?... I saw you there."
"Yes, but, I didn't really get to..." Geoffry said, glancing at Alice up and down, "See you."
"Excuse me?" Alice said, raising an eyebrow at him.
Geoffry chuckled and stepped toward her, "Come on, don't play dumb with me. You know what I mean, Alice."
Did she?
Alice shook her head and she said, "N-no, I'm afraid I don't..."
"Come on, Alice." Geoffry said, putting his mouth right next to her ear, "Let me take you to Wonderland."
"What?!" Alice said, surprised.
She felt her back hit the wall. She didn't notice before that Geoffry had been backing her against the wall.
"Well," Geoffry said, smirking, "Why explain when I can just show you?"
He put his hands on her shoulders and slid them down her arms.
"G-Geoffry, what are you doing?" Alice said anxiously, "Please, don't."
"Why not?" Geoffry whispered, "We're having so much fun."
"No, please, Geoffry. I really don't like being touched-" Alice said.
"Oh, but why?" Geoffry said, sliding his hands around her middle and rubbing her back with his palms, "It's really calming once you're into it."
Alice could feel Geoffry's breath on her face as he whispered, "You know?"
"Please, Geoffry, I'm not kidding!" Alice said, whimpering.
"You'll get used to it. You can trust me, Alice." Geoffry said, and he slid his hand up her thigh, barely up her skirt.
"Geoffry, stop!" Alice cried, pushing him away.
Geoffry pinned her hands to the wall and stared at her. There was a certain, mysterious creepiness to his icy, blue eyes.
Alice always hated when he said 'You can trust me'. She didn't know why, but it was something that had always bothered her.
"Why should I stop?" Geoffry said, and he pressed his lips against hers.
Alice waved her hands around helplessly until Geoffry held his head away from hers.
"Why would you do that?" Alice shrieked.
Geoffry chuckled and said, "Why not?"
"Because I don't want you to!" Alice cried, tears welling up in her eyes.
Geoffry laughed again. It was a slightly sing-songy laugh, but it was an evil one at the same time.
Geoffry released Alice's hands, but right away, he grasped her breasts instead.
"GEOFFRY! LET GO OF ME!" Alice yelled. She slapped him hard in the face and stamped on his foot.
Alice wasn't much of a fighter, but that was enough to startle Geoffry into backing off.
As soon as she was freed, Alice took off down the hallway, full speed.

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