Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 26 - CHAPTER 2

On Saturday night, Alice, Chris, Kathy, Jenny, Tae-Hyun, Mouse, Leo, Geoffry, and I sat in a circle in Leo's basement.
Kathy and Jenny, the last people to get here, had just arrived and put their overnight bags by the wall with the rest of ours.
Knowing Leo's mom, I was really surprised she let us all spend the night. The rule was girls on one side, boys on the other. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware of Chris and Geoffry's relationship. Maybe Leo could sleep in between them or something...
I remembered when Chris and I had arrived, Leo's mom, Jessica, had greeted us at the door, offered us food, and taken Leo into the kitchen. She started yelling at him in Italian and when Leo said something in a sarcastic tone, she kept saying the same word over and over.
"Hey, Leo." I said when we were all sitting in a circle.
"What's the word Jessica kept saying to you?" I asked, "It sounded like testadura."
We all looked at Leo and he blushed.
"Testadura." Leo said, "She was calling me a hardhead."
Mouse smiled tightly and said, "Nice mom."
"Thanks." Leo said sarcastically.
Kathy gasped suddenly and said, "Hey, guys."
We all looked at her.
"You know what I think we should do?" Kathy said excitedly, "I think we should play Seven Minutes In Heaven."
"Ew, no." Mouse said.
That was the most excited I had seen Kathy in a long time, so I said, "Sure, I'll play."
"Awesome! Sure!" Chris said, beaming.
"It's my favorite game." Geoffry said, smiling.
I shot him a dirty look.
"Um, I don't know..." Leo said.
"I'll play." Tae-Hyun said.
Leo looked at her and blushed, "A-are you sure?"
Tae-Hyun nodded, "Uh-huh."
Leo looked down at his lap and said, "I-I guess I'll play then..."
Jenny looked around at all of us and said, "Uh, s-sure. I'll play, Kathy."
We all looked at Mouse and Alice.
"Mouse, Alice..." Kathy said, "How about you two?"
"Oh, uh, I-I've never played Seven Minutes In Heaven before..." Alice said, blushing.
"Do you know what it is?" Kathy asked.
Alice nodded.
Mouse scoffed, "There is no way you're getting me to play that stupid game."
"Why not, Mouse?" Geoffry asked, fluttering his eyelashes.
"Okay, now I'm really not playing." Mouse said, wrinkling her nose.
Geoffry looked hurt and Chris held his hand possessively.
This was going to be interesting.
"So," Kathy said to Alice, "Will you play?"
"U-um, I guess." Alice said, tucking her hair behind her ear.
Kathy looked at Mouse, "Mouse..."
"No." Mouse said.
"Why not?" Jenny said, "It's really fun!"
"There's a first time for everything!" Kathy said.
Mouse studied Kathy and said, "Who said it was my first time?"
Chris cocked his head to the side and said, "You've played Seven Minutes In Heaven?"
Leo's eyes widened and he said, "Oh, God, Mouse. Please. Don't."
"It was in fifth grade." Mouse said dramatically, "A long time ago. Leo and I went to Samantha Reynolds' tenth birthday party."
"Mouse, please..." Leo said, covering his face with his hands, as if the story hurt him.
Mouse narrowed her eyes and said, "We played Seven Minutes In Heaven... As it turned out, little Bobby Samuels, the boy every girl loved..."
Mouse paused and said, "Well, every girl except me... It turned out, Bobby was in love with me."
Chris snorted and I elbowed him in the stomach.
"He tried to kiss me." Mouse said, "So, I kicked him in the balls."
Chris cringed, probably remembering the many times she had done that to him.
"And it turned out..." Mouse said.
"Mouse, please, don't." Leo said.
"That George Travis was in love with Leo." Mouse said, cracking a grin.
"NO!!!" Leo howled.
The rest of us cracked up.
"And George," Mouse said, "Kissed Leo on the mouth, and Leo started crying."
"WHY, MOUSE?!" Leo cried.
"And Samantha's mom had to call Jessica and have her pick us up from the party." Mouse said.
Leo was glaring at her. Mouse was beaming.
"And that," She said, "Was your daily dose of my sisterly love."
She patted Leo on the head and he scowled at her.

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