Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28 - CHAPTER 2

During French class, the guidance counselor came in and motioned to Kathy.
Kathy glared at the space in front of her for a minute, then she got up and went out in the hall with the guidance counselor.
I gave Chris a questioning look and he shrugged.
Mouse said, "Anger management, probably."

Kathy sat down in a huff in the counselor's office.
The school guidance counselor, Sarah, sat down across from her and said, "Katherine, I brought you here to talk about your grades."
"What about them?" Kathy said in a monotone.
"They are... Not what we would call acceptable." Sarah said, "You're failing French and Math."
Kathy's eyes widened slightly and she said, "W... What?"
Sarah nodded pitifully and pushed a folder toward Kathy.
Kathy picked up the folder and opened it. Her eyes got big and she said, "What? H-how can I have two F's??"
"And a C-," Sarah said, "Which could turn into a D if you're not careful. D is not a passing grade, Katherine."
"I know." Kathy said snapped, "How... How did this happen?"
"Well, I guess you just fell behind." Sarah said, putting the papers back in Kathy's folder, "All you need to do to get your good grades back is focus and work harder."
"You can't just tell me to 'work harder' and send me on my merry way." Kathy said sharply, "I have been working my butt off and as the guidance counselor, you should be able to tell me what the best thing to do is."
Sarah pursed her lips and studied Kathy.
"You're completely right, Katherine." Sarah said, "But,"
"But?" Kathy said helplessly.
Sarah said, "But, all I can tell you is that you need to work harder in school. Really, it's simple as that."
"What?!" Kathy shouted, standing up and slamming her hands on the table, "No, that's not fair! I told you, I've been working hard all year and I've had straight A's!"
"Katherine, calm down." Sarah said.
Kathy bit her lip and stared at Sarah. Kathy shook her head an said, "You know what? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have freaked out like that."
She was lying through her teeth. She had all the right to stand up for herself.
Sarah smiled and said, "You're forgiven, Katherine."
For what?
Kathy smiled tightly and said, "Alright, I'm going back to class now."
Sarah nodded and Kathy turned and walked toward the door.
Kathy reached for the door handle right when Sarah said, "And, Katherine. I hope you know that if you get any more D's or F's, then you're off the cheerleading squad."
Kathy's breath shorted out. Her hand hovered over the door handle.
Sarah said, "I'm sorry, Katherine, but you really need to get a hold on these bad grades."
Kathy swallowed and said, without turning around, "Is that... Is that so?"
"Yes." Sarah said.
Kathy swallowed again and flung open the door, walking quickly down the hall.

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