Friday, October 29, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 25 - CHAPTER 2

Leo spotted Tae-Hyun by her locker and smiled a little. He walked over to her and said, "Hey,"
Tae-Hyun looked up and smiled, "Oh, hi, Leo."
"Hey, um..." Leo said, "Do you wanna go to a party at Chris and Angela's house on Friday? It'll be fun. We're gonna watch movies and eat popcorn and stuff."
Tae-Hyun closed her locker and said, "Oh, yeah, that sounds good. What time?"
"Right after school." Leo said, "We can get off on Angela's bus stop and go straight to their house."
Tae-Hyun smiled warmly, "Cool! I'll ask Kyung, but I'm sure he will say yes. He's always worried about me having friends in America."
Leo chuckled and leaned against a locker, "Why would be worry about you making friends? You're awesome."
Tae-Hyun blushed and said, "Thank you... You're awesome, too, Leo."
Leo's hand slipped on the locker and he fell over.
Tae-Hyun let out a little yip and put her hands over her mouth. She helped him up and said, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, yeah, totally." Leo said, blushing and grinning stupidly, "I just, uh, lost my balance."
"I can see that." Tae-Hyun said, smiling.
Leo smiled back and Chris walked by.
"If you guys want to keep Tae-Hyun's secret, then you're going to have to try harder." Chris whispered as he passed them, "Less cliche, more masculin."
He said 'masculine' in French, but I barely sounded different from the word in English.
Leo and Tae-Hyun blushed and took a step away from each other.
"Well, uh..." Leo said, looking at Tae-Hyun, "You don't have to worry about not having enough friends. I'm pretty sure everyone likes you."
Tae-Hyun chuckled and said, "That's very sweet."
She sighed and added, "Kathy doesn't like me."
Leo's face fell and he said "Oh, yeah... I forgot about her..."
Tae-Hyun looked down sadly and said, "I like you."
Tae-Hyun smiled at him and said, "Thank you... I like you too."
Leo smiled goofily, "S-so, ca.... Can you... Come? To Chris and Angie's house?"
Tae-Hyun nodded, "I'll... See you in English class."
Leo nodded and watched Tae-Hyun walk down the hall. He put his hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat; It was racing.

She said she liked me. Leo thought.

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