Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 24 - CHAPTER 1

I walked into French class and sat down.
"Hi, Angie!" I heard someone say.
My eyes widened and I swallowed. I stuck a grin on my face and turned around.
"Oh, hi, Mitsuko." I said, trying to sound nice.
"Hi! How are you?" Mitsuko said cheerily.
"I'm... Fine." I said, "... How about you?"
Mitsuko looked happy that I had asked, "Awesome! Don't you just love school?"
"I... Guess..." I said.
"Cool." Mitsuko said, beaming.
I smiled tightly and Mrs. Green saved me.
"Have a seat, Mitsuko." She said, pronouncing Mitsuko's name meet-soo-kowe. Mrs. Green has kind of a reputation for mispronouncing peoples' names, wearing too much makeup, being overly cheerful, and looking very much like a fat blonde rat.
"Students, students, pay attention!" Mrs. Green said.
When no one responded, she said, "We're going on a field trip next week!"
That made everyone shut up.
Mrs. Green smiled cheekily and said, "Very nice. Now, we are indeed going on a field trip next week."
The class cheered and Mrs. Green continued, "We will be taking a charter bus to the Citrus County camp grounds four hours away. There are cabins, a mess hall, a main building, a lake, and much more! You will be going on canoe rides, a five mile hike..."
I could practically hear Chris' heart stop a few desks away. Hiking isn't his best skill. He doesn't really like camps either... Or canoeing... Or long bus rides.
"And all sorts of other fun outdoor activities!" Mrs. Green said excitedly, "Along with games like basketball and dodgeball..."
Oh, God.
"Also, two other high schools are also going to the camp." Mrs. Green explained, "We will in Citrus County from Monday to Friday. We will leave this Monday at 11:30 and we will return on Friday around 2:00."
The classroom was buzzing with excitement.
I turned around to see Alice standing by Chris' desk, stroking his hair and saying, "It's okay, Chris..."
"Is he freaked out about the trip?" I said.
Alice nodded and Chris said shakily, "We have to play dodgeball."
"Yes, we do, Chris." I said gently.
Tae-Hyun looked confused and Leo whispered something to him.
"And we have to go hiking," Chris said, "and canoeing. This is terrible."
I sighed and said, "Come on, Chris. It won't be that bad."
"Yeah, Chris," Johnny said mockingly, "We'll have a blast."
I glared at Johnny, who paused before adding, "... Well, I'll have a blast. You'll just get your skull ground into the floor my dodge balls."
Chris squeaked.
"You better not." I said to Johnny.
Johnny looked at me and said, "Says who? I can do whatever the heck I want."
I gritted my teeth, trying to think of what to say next. I waited too long.
Johnny laughed at me and turned around in his seat.
I sighed and said, "Don't be scared, Chris."
Chris smiled weakly and said, "Yeah, okay..."
I thought about how this trip would be different from Camp Sunny Day. This time, we had Tae-Hyun, Kathy, and...
My eyes widened and I said out loud, "Oh my God..."
Alice and Chris looked at me and I swallowed loudly.
"Geoffry and Mitsuko." I said.
Chris furrowed his brow and said, "What?"
"Geoffry and Mitsuko are coming to camp." I said absent-mindedly.
Alice looked at me and said, worried, "Are you alright? You look pale."
"Why are they coming to camp?" I said, running my fingers through my hair.
Chris pouted and said, "Angie, why don't you like Geoffry?"
I looked at him with slitted eyes, "Haven't we been over this? I don't trust him. He's creepy and he put his hand down your pants."
Chris scoffed, "That was once, Angie."
Tae-Hyun's eyes widened and he looked at Leo, who smiled tightly.
I sighed, "Okay, whatever. You know what? This'll be fun. Four hours on a charter bus... With them... And five days at a camp in Citrus County. Nice."

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