Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 24 - CHAPTER 7

We found our group again and went to the obstacle thing in the middle of the woods.

Mary stood in front of all of us and said, "First, we are going to do the trust fall."
Everyone groaned and I could hear Chris stop breathing. You can't do anything involving "trust" at our school. It just doesn't work.
Mary held up her clipboard and said, "I will now list your partners."
We all groaned again and Mary said, "Chris Harper and Alice Coleman."
Chris and Alice said, "Yes!" and high-fived.
"Leo Guillermo and Tae-Hyun Nam."
"Wow, really?" I whispered to Chris, who snickered.
Tae-Hyun and Leo looked at each other and smiled a little.
I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at them.
What the heck is going on with them? I thought.
"Angela Harper and Michelle Brooks."
My eyes widened and I said, "Wait, what?"
Mary ignored me and continued down her list, "Tiffany White and Geoffry Canning."
"WHAT???" Mouse screeched.
She whirled around and looked at Geoffry. He smiled warmly and Mouse groaned audibly.
Geoffry's smile faded and he looked a little nervous.
Mary finished listing off the partners and I reluctantly walked over to Michelle.
I stood next to her and said, "Hey, Michelle. Do you even know what's going on?"
Michelle looked around slowly and said, "No..."
I clenched my teeth and said, "Great..."

Geoffry smiled at Mouse and said, "Hello, Mouse."
Mouse smiled tightly and said, "Can you just not talk?"
Geoffry sighed and got up on a wooden stool.
"Okay, Mouse, this is a trust fall." He said, "So, I'm trusting you to catch me."
There was murmuring from the nearby students.
Mouse said nothing.
"I'm going to fall back now..." Geoffry said.
"Okay." Mouse said.
"And you're going to catch me." Geoffry said, starting to sound uneasy. I couldn't blame him.
"That's the point of the game." Geoffry said.
"Yes, it is." Mouse said. Oh, God.
Chris clasped his hands together and started whispering something.
"Chris," I said, studying him curiously, "Are are you praying?"
"Yes," Chris said, "Praying that Mouse won't hurt him."
I raised an eyebrow at my brother and said, "What? I thought you didn't believe in God."
"Don't tell me how to run my life!" Chris cried.
I held my hands up in surrender and said, "Uh, sorry..."
Geoffry slowly turned around. Then, he fell backwards.
Without a flinch, Mouse didn't move and Geoffry hit the ground with a thud.
All the kids watching cringed and went, "Ooooh..."
"Geoffry!" Chris gasped, running to his side.
Geoffry grasped the sides of his head and said, "Oooowwww...."
Mouse rolled her eyes, "Drama queen."
"Geoffry, are you okay?" Chris said, gently brushing Geoffry's hair out of his face.
Geoffry groaned and opened his eyes, looking past Chris. Then, he saw an angel. Was he dying?.... Nooo...
Geoffry gazed up at the glistening green eyes staring down at him, circled with a halo of black-brown hair.
He sighed and said, "Beautiful..."
Mouse looked confused and said, "What?"
"She's so beautiful..." Geoffry said, smiling dopily at Mouse.
Chris stroked his hair and said, "Did you hit your head, Sweetie?"
"I think I've just seen an angel." Geoffry said, dazed.
Chris put his arm around Geoffry and helped him up.
"Come on, Honey." Chris said, "Let's get you some water. Mary!"
So, Chris and Geoffry left. All of our eyes turned to Mouse.
Mouse looked around defensively and said, "What??"
Lester and Alice and I snickered and Leo let out a long whistle.
Soon, most of the kids were laughing.
"You guys are all idiots." Mouse scoffed.
"Now, now," A counselor named Benny said, "Back to the game!"
Tae-Hyun slowly turned her head to look at Leo.
"So..." She said, "Who should fall first?"
Leo smiled warmly at her and shrugged, "Well, you're lighter. You can go."
Tae-Hyun blushed and said, "Um... Okay."
Leo held out his hand and helped her up onto the stool, even though she didn't really need it.
Tae-Hyun turned her back to him and said, "Okay... So... I just fall?"
"You cross your arms over your chest," Leo said, "Keep your legs straight, fall back, and trust me to catch you."
Tae-Hyun smiled a little and said, "Okay."
She fell back, but bent her knees.
Leo caught Tae-Hyun and stared into her eyes.
"Tae-Hyun," He said.
"Yes?" Tae-Hyun said, blushing again.
"You're not supposed to bend your knees." Leo grinned.
Tae-Hyun smiled shyly, "I know, I'm sorry. I just got scared and bent my knees."
"It's okay," Leo said.
They smiled at each other for a long time.
Chris, who had just returned, went over to Leo and Tae-Hyun and whispered, "Hey, Leo."
Tae-Hyun and Leo looked at Chris.
"You're supposed to put him down now." Chris whispered.
Leo and Tae-Hyun looked at each other and blushed.
Leo set her down and they looked away.

I watched Tae-Hyun and Leo as they did the trust fall.
Leo caught Tae-Hyun and smiled at him... It was really, really weird, knowing how Leo is. He thought that Chris was in love with him just because he was gay for years. Now, Tae-Hyun comes along and Leo acts like this.
I narrowed my eyes. Something was going on...

Something Leo wasn't telling me.

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