Friday, October 1, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 23 - CHAPTER 21

So, Mitsuko sat with us at lunch. As it turns out, she's half Japanese and half Hispanic and she has a twin brother named Shinsuke.
Besides explaining those things, she didn't talk much, but I could tell she was really into what I had to say.
Mitsuko stared at me the entire time I talked, even when I wasn't talking to her. It was kind of weird. It was like I had my own personal Kathy.
Right after lunch, on the way outside, I touched Alice's arm.
"Hey, Alice." I said.
She turned and looked at me, "Oh, hey, Ange. What's up?"
"Can I talk to you for a second?" I asked.
Alice looked concerned, "Oh, sure. Is everything alright?"
I pulled her to the side and said quietly, "Well, there are two things. One, that girl Mitsuko, she was staring at me and it was weird."
"I mean, really weird." I said, "Like, at the end of Social Studies. When I woke up, no one else was there except for me and her, and she was right in my face, staring at me like a... Like a..."
Alice nodded slowly and I snapped my fingers.
"Like a Kathy!" I exclaimed, "She was looking at me like a Kathy!"
"I think the word you're looking for is stalker." Alice said slowly.
"Yeah, just like that!" I said, "She said that she wanted to stalk me! Then she said, 'To lunch'."
Alice cocked her head to the side and said, "That is weird."
I nodded, "Uh-huh."
Alice pursed her lips and said, "So, what are you going to do?"
I shrugged, "Not sure. That's not really as big a deal as the other thing."
"Which is..." Alice said when I didn't keep talking.
I blushed and looked down at my feet.
"I was thinking..." I said softly, stupidly twirling my hair with my finger, "Of asking Tae-Hyun out. You know... Like a date."
Alice beamed, "Oh, that's a great idea, Angie!"
I smiled a little and said, "Yeah, but he thinks I'm weird."
"Ange," Alice said, raising an eyebrow at me, "Tae-Hyun's best friend here is Leo. I'm pretty sure he can handle your weirdness."
I grinned and said, "Thanks, Alice. I'm thinking of asking him in a few minutes."
"Great," Alice said, smiling.
"Can you come with?" I asked.
Alice shrugged, "Sure, if you want me to. I've helped Chris out with this before... But a lot of the times I went with him to ask guys out, they called me his beard... And there was that one time when Chris asked that one guy out, the guy turned him down, and he asked me out..."
I eyed her and said, "Great..."
Alice smiled awkwardly and said, "So, shall we go?"
I nodded and Alice gestured for me to lead the way.
We went outside and were quickly joined by Chris, then Mouse.
"Hey, guys." Chris said, "What'cha up to?"
I stared at him.
Should I tell Chris? I thought, He might get mad at me.
"Umm..." I said, "I-I was thinking of asking Tae-Hyun out."
Chris' eyes grew wide and I knew I had probably made a mistake.
"Out?" Chris said, swallowing, "Like... On a date?"
I nodded and bit my lip, "Yeah..."
Chris let out a long breath and ran his fingers through his hair, the way Dad always used to. Oh geez, Dad...
"Are you mad?" I asked quietly.
Chris shook his head, "No..."
I gawked at him and said, "Really?"
Chris nodded, "Yeah, I'm not mad, I just don't know if..."
My shoulders fell and Chris said, "If he's.... Your type."
"Oh, really?" I said, crossing my arms, "And what exactly is my 'type', Chris?"
Right then, Tae-Hyun and Leo walked over to us.
"Hey, guys." Leo said.
Tae-Hyun waved and echoed him cheerily, "Hi, guys."
I stared at Tae-Hyun and felt my face flush.
Leo's grin faded and he asked me, "Is something wrong?"
"No..." I said slowly, "H-hey, Tae-Hyun. C-can I talk to you?"
Tae-Hyun looked at me kind of funny and said, "Yeah, sure."
He walked over to me and we turned to walk a few feet away. Alice and Mouse were still behind me, Chris and Leo sneaking behind Tae-Hyun, but I didn't care. I needed help with this.
Chris whispered something to Leo and Leo's eyes got big.
He mouthed something that looked like, "Oh no." Nice.
"Umm..." I said, twirling my hair like one of those dumb girls in the movies Chris watched, "I wanted to ask you... If..."
Tae-Hyun smiled, but he looked a little nervous. Did he know what I was going to say?
"If..." I said, blushing and looking up at him, "You wanted to... Go out with me... This Saturday, to go see a movie..."
Tae-Hyun looked really surprised. His eyes widened and he raised his eyebrows.
"A... Date?" He said.
Oh God, he hates me... I thought.
I glanced at Leo and Chris, who were watching me with bug eyes.
I hated myself as embarrassed tears brimmed my eyes.
I blinked them away and said, "Uh... Yeah, you know what? Maybe this was a bad idea..."
I turned to walk away, but Tae-Hyun said, "Wait!"
I stopped walking and slowly turned around.
"... I'd be happy to go to a movie with you, Angela." Tae-Hyun said. He smiled broadly and I could tell he meant it.
I beamed and said, "Ah... O-okay."
Tae-Hyun smiled and he said, "Cool... So, um..."
"I-I can pick you up at like four-ish." I said, clenching my teeth at my corniness.
Tae-Hyun nodded, "Yeah, that would be great."
I smiled and turned away.
Leo and Tae-Hyun walked away and Alice and Chris stayed with me. Mouse had slipped away, but I didn't see where she went.

I covered my mouth and tried not to squeal.
"Oh my goodness, I'm so happy for you!" Alice said, hugging me.
I hugged her back and blushed like a girl.
Alice and I both looked at Chris, expecting him to join our little girly huddle. He just stood there, staring at me.
"So, you're sure you're not mad?" I asked him.
Chris shook his head, "I'm not mad, I'm just... Thinking."
Alice and I studied him.
Chris shook his head again and smiled.
"You know what? That's wonderful." He said, "Really. I'm happy for you."
I smiled and hugged my brother.

Leo and Tae-Hyun walked across the field; Tae-Hyun was freaking out.
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh..." She was saying, running her hands through her hair, "I did not think Angela would say that."
"Well, that's typically what a girl means when she says 'Can I talk to you'." Leo said.
"Oh, gosh, what do I do?" Tae-Hyun said, pulling her hands over her face.
Leo sighed and said, "Don't worry, Chris and I will think of something."
"Will you?" Tae-Hyun said glumly.
Leo nodded and said reassuringly, "Of course. You're, like, one of my best friends."
Tae-Hyun looked up and said, "Really?"
Leo nodded again and smiled.
Tae-Hyun smiled a little and said, "Well, that's cool. You are one of my best friends, too.... Umm, about the date..."
Leo nodded and Tae-Hyun said, "Whatever you do, make sure to watch out for your other best friend too."
She smiled and Leo nodded, "Yeah, of course."
Then he added teasingly, "Don't think I'm picking favorites now."
Tae-Hyun smiled and playfully hit Leo's shoulder.
Leo grinned and hit her back.
Tae-Hyun laughed and hugged Leo.
"Thank you," She said, "I don't know what I would do without you."
Leo smiled and hugged Tae-Hyun back, 

"That's good to hear."

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