Monday, October 25, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 24 - CHAPTER 24

I got on one of the charter buses the next day with my friends. Leo told me Tae-Hyun went home with her brother the day before and she was doing fine.
"That's awesome!" I said, "So, she's going to be okay now?"
Leo nodded, "Yeah, he'll be fine."
I grinned and said, "Sorry."
"Don't worry about it." Leo said, looking around, "No one caught it."
I remembered when I accidentally referred to Tae-Hyun as 'she' in front of Jenny and I turned around to look at her.
Jenny was fast asleep with her head leaned against the window in the seat behind me.
Michelle was sitting next to her, poking her arm and saying, "Jenny... Jenny... I'm hungry."
"Let her sleep, Honey." Alice said from behind Michelle, "We're going to stop for lunch in a few hours."
Michelle nodded and said, "Okay... You're nice... Who are you again?"
"I'm Alice," Alice said slowly, "We've been in school together for more than two years."
"Oh, yeah..." Michelle said, "I'm sorry, I forget things sometimes."
Chris and Alice exchanged a 'really?' look.
Michelle slowly grasped Alice's sleeve and said, "We should be friends."
"Um..." Alice said, smiling politely, "Okay."
Somebody's getting herself into a mess.

Eventually, a lot of us fell asleep. It was kind of a mass of cuteness. Chris and Alice had their heads on top of each other's. Michelle had her head on Jenny's shoulder and her arms were wrapped around Jenny.
Mouse and Chris would forever ridicule Leo and I if we fell asleep together, so we both tried to stay awake.
It was only about 3:00 P.M., but the weekend had been pretty... Draining.

When Leo saw Tae-Hyun at school on Monday, he ran over to her and hugged her hard.
"I missed you." He said.
Tae-Hyun giggled and hugged him back, "You too."
Chris and I stood nearby, smiling at our friends.
"Ah, young love." Chris said.
I laughed, "I know."
There was a silence and I looked at my brother.
"Hey... Chris?" I said.
"Why... Did Tae-Hyun pretend to be a guy?" I said in a low voice, so no one else would hear me.
Chris looked at me and said quietly, "Well, her father is a bit of a misogynist. He always treated her brothers better than he treated her, so she decided to come to America as a boy and see if people treated her better."
I nodded and thought for a while, "Wait... So, is she..."
"Is she what?" Chris said.
I said hesitantly, "Transgender?"
Chris gave me a look and said, "Angie,"
"You're an idiot."
"That's not very nice." I said.
There was another silence before I said,

"What's a misogynist?"

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