Monday, October 25, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 24 - CHAPTER 23

Soaking wet, Chris slammed the cabin door behind him and announced, "I HATE CANOEING!"
Lester, who was also drenched, opened the door and came in right behind him, "Yeah, 
me too."
Chris went into the bathroom and said, "God, why would those stupid counselors make me go in the water? Jesus!"
Lester sat down in a chair by the wall outside the bathroom and said, "Wow, you seem really cheesed off. What gives?"
Chris poked his head out the door and said, "Uh, y-you know, I just don't like canoeing that much..."
He closed the bathroom door again and Lester said, "What about swimming?"
"Nope, hate it." Chris said.
"Kayaking?" Lester asked.
"There's no difference between kayaking and canoeing." Chris said.
Lester thought about it and said, "A little one."
"Yeah?" Chris said from the bathroom, "What is it?"
Lester was stumped. "H-hey, man. Don't ask stupid questions."

Alice and Mouse went into their cabin and closed the door behind them.
"I hate sports." Mouse said.
"Does canoeing really qualify as a sport?" Alice said, brushing off herself. She was completely dry.
Mouse shrugged, "It requires work. In my book, it's a sport, and my book overpowers all else."
Alice held her nose and said, "Good Lord, Mouse."
"Will you please take a shower?" Alice said, "You smell like the lake."
Mouse drew her hand up to her heart and said, "That really hurts me, Alice. It really hurts."
Alice sighed and Mouse eyed her.
"What is it?" Alice asked.
Mouse reached to touch Alice and Alice shrieked.
Mouse started laughing and said, "Ooh, I almost got lake germs on you! You're hilarious!"
"You're not." Alice said, wrapping her arms around herself, "That's not funny."
Just then, soaking wet Stephanie came into the cabin and let out a blood-curdling brat-scream.
Mouse covered her ears and said, "What the hell was that? Did someone stab a cat with a knife?"
"OH. MY. GOD." Stephanie screeched, "I HATE THE FREAKING CAMP!"
"Oh, come on, Stephanie. It isn't that bad." Hilary walked in behind Stephanie, wringing out her hair.
Stephanie turned around and fired a death glare at Hilary.
"Wow, is that a new scowl?" Mouse said, "The running mascara really adds effect."
Stephanie spun around and said to Mouse, "I. Am so done. With. You. You better get off my back or I will-"
"Or you'll what, Stephanie?" Mouse said, sounding annoyed, "I'm sick of you. Will you cut me a break for once?"
Stephanie and Mouse started arguing and Alice and Hilary stepped in between them.
"Okay, girls..." Hilary said, "Calm. Down."
"You two have been fighting since the moment you got put in the same cabin." Alice said.
"Well, that's because-" Stephanie said.
Alice held up a hand and Hilary said, "How about you guys just stay clear of each other? Huh?"
Mouse and Stephanie glared at each other and Mouse said, "Fine."
"Yeah, whatever." Stephanie said, holding her hand up, "As long as she, like, leaves me alone."

Tina and I went into our cabin and stood in the middle of the room.
"Well, that was a new experience for me." Tina said, wringing out her hair, "Have you ever gone canoeing before?"
I nodded, "Yeah, when I was nine, Chris and I went to Camp Sunny Day. There was canoeing there... Chris didn't like it."
"Yeah, it didn't seem like his thing." Tina said, "Poor Chris. I felt bad for him, the way he fell out of the canoe and Carlos had to save him."
Carlos is one of the counselors.
"Why did you feel sorry for him?" I said casually, "Carlos is kinda hot."
"Well, from where I was, it looked like Chris was drowning." Tina said calmly.
I shrugged, "Yeah... He probably was..."
Jenny opened the cabin door. She had her arm around Michelle, who was bawling like a baby. They were both soaking wet and Jenny looked tired.
"So," I said, "Carlos didn't come to Michelle's rescue when she fell in?"
"Nope." Jenny sighed tiredly, "I'm the night in shining armor."
I grinned at her and said, "You look like you need some sleep."
Jenny laughed quietly, "Yeah, you tell that to Michelle."
"I'M WET!!!" Michelle sobbed.
"I can see that." I said, "Hey, Michelle. How about you give Jenny a break?"
"But, I'm wet." Michelle sniffled.
Jenny patted her shoulder and said, "It's okay. Let's get you cleaned up."
Michelle sniffed again and nodded.
They went into the bathroom and I sat down on the bed.
"Wow," I said, "Jenny has been taking care of Michelle this whole trip, hasn't she?"
"Yes, she has." Tina said, "She looks so tired."
"I know..." I said, "Maybe taking care of Michelle is a big job."

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