Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 24 - CHAPTER 20

Leo opened the cabin door and went inside, his head hung sadly.

"Hey, Nerd." Daniel said, smirking, "How's your bulimic boyfriend? Is he gonna pull through?"
Daniel was sitting on one bed and tossing an apple up in the air and catching it.
Leo scowled at him and said, "Why would you say something like that? Tae-Hyun almost died and you're talking about it like he had a cold!"
"Come on, Chickie, don't be such a drama queen." Johnny said, standing up and giving Leo a little push in the chest.
"You guys are jerks." Leo said.
Johnny scoffed, "Is that all you nerds ever say? 'You're a jerk', 'you're an ass', 'oh, you're hurting my feelings'. That's what your loser friends said earlier."
"Maybe you should listen to them." Leo said, "Great minds think alike."
"Hey, looky here." Daniel said, "Somebody's tryin' to be smart here. You think you're so tough, don't you, Leo?"
"Yeah, don't you, Leo?" Johnny said, pushing Leo again, "Then why couldn't you protect your little boyfriend?"
"SHUT UP!" Leo yelled, anger filling his voice.
"Oooh." Johnny and Daniel laughed.
Johnny stuck out his lower lip and said in a baby voice, "Is somebody being sensitive?"
"He could've died, John." Leo said, dead serious, "Tae-Hyun could have died and here you are making fun of him!"
Johnny snorted and he and Daniel crossed their arms over their chests in unison.
"How do you know he's not dead right now?" Leo said, his voice getting louder and cracking, "How did you know he wasn't dead when I came in here and you were already on my case, making fun of him?"
"Hey, come on, man. We were just playing." Daniel said.
"Oh, were you now???" Leo cried, "You were just playing. Well, let me tell you something, Daniel. Don't play... With death."
Daniel and Johnny were silent.
Leo scowled at them, his eyes red and brimmed with tears.
"He's alive, if you were wondering." Leo said, turning his back to them, "No thanks to you goons."
Leo opened the cabin door, stepped out, and closed it behind him.
Daniel and Johnny looked at each other. 

They had nothing more to say.

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