Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 23 - CHAPTER 23

Tae-Hyun listened to Angie argue with her mom and thought, My mom would never let me get away with arguing like that.

Then, something caught her eye. Tae-Hyun turned toward the bushes and her jaw dropped.
Leo and Chris were in the bushes, waving their arms frantically at her.
Tae-Hyun mouthed, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Helping you! Chris and Leo both mouthed back.
People were staring at them.
Angie stopped arguing and said, "Come on, Tae-Hyun."
Leo and Chris ducked into the bushes as they walked past.
Tae-Hyun looked back and Leo mouthed, Don't worry. We will help.
Tae-Hyun bit her lip and looked straight ahead.

I smiled at Tae-Hyun and said, "Hey, I'm really sorry about that. My mom can be kind of weird sometimes."
Tae-Hyun shrugged, "Don't worry about it. You heard my brother, Kyung, talking. Didn't you?"
I grinned and nodded.
"Yeah..." Tae-Hyun said, "Families can be embarrassing."
We went into the movie theater, bought tickets, and sat down.
The previews started and we just sat, watching.

Leo and Chris watched as Tae-Hyun and Angie went into the theater.
"So, what's the plan?" Chris asked.
"We're gonna go with Plan A." Leo said, getting out of the bushes, "Come on."
Chris followed him and they ran to the theater.
Leo went up to the ticket box and said, "Two, please."
Chris stood next to him and said, "Are you sure we should be doing this? Angie's gonna get really mad if she catches us."
"Chris, my friend, the answer here is simple." Leo said, picking up the tickets, "Take risks for what you love and don't get caught."
Chris walked next to him and said, "You really care about her, don't you?"
"Who, Angie?" Leo said, "Yeah, she's like my best friend."
Chris shook his head, "I was talking about Tae-Hyun."
Leo didn't say anything and he kept walking.
Chris smiled and said, "Oh my God, you love her."
"I do not." Leo said stiffly.
"Yes, that's just it." Chris said, "You're in love with Tae-Hyun!"
"Shh!" Leo said, "Will you keep it down?"
Chris blushed and said, "Oh my God, that's kind of, like, adorable!"
He squealed and Leo said, "Hey, Chris. Don't you remember the deal? We work together, you don't do that."
Chris sighed and crossed his arms, "Fiiine, I'm sorry.... That's just so cute!"
Leo gritted his teeth and mumbled to himself, "Just keep walking, Leo."

Tae-Hyun and I sat in silence, watching the movie.
To tell you the truth, I wished he would do something like hold my hand, but I knew he wouldn't... I couldn't, it would break the girl rule!... Then again, I break a lot of those, like the ones about brushing your hair every day and wearing makeup all the time.
As stupid as it is, I decided to pull a classic and purposefully took popcorn at the same time as him and "accidentally" touched his hand.
"Oh, sorry." We both said, retracting.
I smiled a little to myself. It worked.

Chris and Leo crept into the theater and sat in the back.
They watched Tae-Hyun and Angie.
Chris accidentally bumped Leo's arm and Leo glared at him.
Chris gave him a sneering look and they went back to watching.
"Nothing's... Happening." Leo said.
"Well, what did you expect? That Angie would pounce on him like a Kathy?" Chris said, propping his head up on his hands, "This is boring. What are we watching for anyway?"
"We're here to protect Tae-Hyun." Leo said, "Make sure nothing bad happens."
"What if she likes being on a date with my sister?" Chris said, smirking.
Leo looked at him, "What?"
"What if Tae-Hyun's a lesbian?" Chris said. Making Leo squirm was fun.
Leo started blushing. "No, sh-she's not. I know it."
"How can you be sure?" Chris said smoothly, "How do you know she isn't attracted to girls instead of boys?"
"Chris!" Leo hissed, "I. Know. Her. She doesn't like girls like that!"
"Hm..." Chris said, giggling, "I thought straight guys were supposed to think lesbians are hot."
Leo said through clenched teeth, "That's BS. Why would we like girls that don't like us back?"
"What are you talking about? You do it all the time..." Chris said.
Leo glared at Chris icily.
"Relax, Leo. I'm just pulling your leg." Chris said, rolling his eyes and grinning.
Leo narrowed his eyes at Chris and scooted to the edge of his chair, away from him.
Chris rolled his eyes and went back to watching Tae-Hyun and Angie.

Tae-Hyun sat nervously in her seat. Why had Leo and Chris been so concerned? Did they expect Angie to do something to her? Where were Leo and Chris.
Tae-Hyun thought about it and her eyes grew wide. Slowly, she turned around and looked back at the other seat.
Blue button-up, black hoodie.
Sure enough, they were sitting in the back of the theater.
Tae-Hyun stared at them and they waved cheerily.
Leo had his feet up on the seat in front of him and he was smiling and shoving popcorn into his mouth.
Chris had his legs crossed and his hands in his lap. He hit Leo on the shoulder and Leo, his his mouth full of popcorn, looked like he tried to say something back.

Tae-Hyun giggled and I looked at her.
"What's up?" I said softly.
"Oh, the movie is funny." Tae-Hyun said, laughing nervously.
I don't know what movie Tae-Hyun was watching, because I thought this was the saddest scene in the whole thing so far.

"God, I am so bored." Leo said.
"Then watch the movie." Chris said, rolling his eyes.
"No way, this is a stupid romance." Leo said, crossing his arms.
Chris shook his head, "You are so immature."
Leo didn't even reply to that. He just looked at Chris, then back at the movie.

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