Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 17 - CHAPTER 2

We went straight to bed.... after I put up the tents, which added an extra hour. After making sure everyone was in their own tent, I collapsed. I was so tired, I fell asleep instantly.

Alice stepped carefully among the wet leaves and grass, the dew and dirt soaking through her slippers. She sighed, hating her situation. Alice held up the hem of her pale yellow nightgown, holding it above the wet, brown ground.
She soon stood in front of her worst enemy here; The outhouse.
Alice took a deep breath and pulled a tissue out of her pocket, using it to open the door. She cringed, the smell was awful.
Reluctantly, she stepped inside. She was about to sit down when she saw something move... Alice's eyes widened to an inhuman size as she stared at it....

I was sound asleep when I heard a blood-curdling scream. I bolted upright, ready for anything. I looked at my watch; 3:24 a.m. 
"Chris?" I said loudly, expecting he had done something stupid or had a nightmare, something along those lines.
I stepped out of my tent, pulling my hoodie on over my green pajamas. I picked up my flashlight and shined it around the camp grounds. 
Taking a lucky guess, I slowly walked over to the outhouse. "Hello?" I called cautiously. I walked around to the open side of the outhouse. The door was open and Alice was standing in front of the toilet, staring down into it. Well, that was kind of weird.
I stepped forward, "Alice?"
She swallowed and whimpered. I walked up next to her, shining the flashlight down the toilet. To my surprise, I saw what Alice had screamed at. A freaking huge rat was inside the toilet! I couldn't believe it, a rat!
"Angie? Alice?" I heard Chris say from the other side of the campsite.
Chris and Geoffry came over to us and Chris said, a concerned, tired look on his face, "Hey, what's wrong?"
"Shh." I said, not taking my eyes off the rat in the toilet. 
Chris and Geoffry followed my eyes, widening theirs. Chris pointed to the huge black rat, "I-is that... a... a..."
Alice swallowed, her eyes wide, "Yes, it's.... a rat... in the toilet."
Geoffry grimaced and glanced at Chris. Seeing his freaked out expression, Geoffry and I both reached for Chris's hand. Geoffry beat me to it, which pissed me off, but I tried hard not to show it. Good luck with that.
"Back away slowly...." I said, taking a few steps back. Alice, Chris, and Geoffry all did the same. 
Suddenly, all four of us fell backward. A chorus of screams arose as we fell into a small bog that we hadn't noticed in the dark. We all flapped around frantically, trying to keep as much of our bodies out of the mucky water as possible. I didn't even think about myself, my first thought was Chris. He can't swim.
I broke from the surface, looking through the water for my brother, panicking. 
"Chris!" I yelled, getting a kick of panicked adrenaline. I heard coughing and whirled around. I couldn't believe my eyes, Geoffry had pulled Chris out of the bog and brought him to solid ground. I didn't know whether to be grateful or kick his butt for saving my brother before I could.
Geoffry had Chris sitting in his lap and he was patting his back. Chris coughed up the grossest water I had ever seen and I felt bad for him. Suddenly, I remembered Alice. Oh god, Alice!
I looked around frantically, my head refilling with a feeling of panic. I saw bubbles, oh god. Without thinking, I dove under the water and felt around. My hand brushed against something; fabric. 
I pulled on it hard and brought it above water. I had grabbed onto Alice's nightgown. 
I pulled her up onto the ground and flung my arms around her, "Oh, thank God!" I cried.
She was out cold. Oh, please, no.... 
Alice's skin, hair, and clothes were covered in brown muck. I didn't care, I was covered in it too. I put my ear against her chest and grasped her wrist, feeling for a pulse. 
"Alice! Come on, Alice, wake up!" My voice cracked as my brain went over the worst case scenario.
Chris opened his eyes and he noticed us. He gasped and ran over to us, "Alice! Oh god, Angie! What's.... what...."
I shook my head, "I don't know...." I felt completely helpless, I didn't know what to do. Tears welled up in my eyes and I fought them back. 
She's not dead, Angie... I thought, trying to comfort myself.
Geoffry stood up and walked over to us, gently taking Alice's limp form from my arms. I was hesitant to let her go, but I didn't know what else to do.
Right there in front of us, Geoffry pushed hard on Alice's stomach a few times and she started coughing up murky water. Chris and I sat in front of them, shocked and horrified. Tears fell from my eyes with relief, even though that was probably the grossest thing I've ever seen.
Alice sat up and coughed more. She opened her eyes, looking at us blankly. 
As if it had all came back to her suddenly, Alice's eyes got wide and she threw her arms around Chris and I, sobbing. We patted her back and said things like, "It's okay, you're alright."
Geoffry stood a few feet away from us awkwardly. Chris noticed him and excused himself from Alice. He stood up and walked over to Geoffry.
"You... you saved my life." Chris said, smiling in awe at Geoffry. Oh, please! I could've done that.
Geoffry smiled sheepishly, "Um, yeah. I did."
Chris smiled and threw his arms around Geoffry, "You saved me! A-and Alice, too!"
Alice looked confused and her face lit up in surprise. She too ran over to hug him. 
Make me throw up, please do.
Alice and Chris started babbling to Geoffry about how great he was and I half wished he had drowned in the bog. But maybe I should be thankful, I thought, I mean, he saved my brother and my best friend. I should be happy. 
I stood a few yards away from them, feeling uncomfortable. 
Alice then realized that she was covered in thick, mucky grime. 
Seeing her look at her nightgown in horror, Chris put his arm around her shoulders, "Don't worry, Honey. We'll get you cleaned up."
Alice swallowed and nodded slowly as Chris and Geoffry escorted her to a nearby park building. They left me standing by myself, like I was invisible. 
My heart sunk. How does that song go? Cellophane, Mister Cellophane, should've been my name, Mister Cellophane.... 
I felt like tying stones to my legs and letting myself sink way beneath the surface of the bog, forgetting this stupid place.
Miserable, I dragged myself to the park building.

I hate this.

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