Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 11

Stephanie stood in the middle of the filed while all the other cheerleaders sat in the bleachers. "Okay, girls. We're learning a new routine today." She said, gesturing for them to come out onto the filed. 
Once they were all down, Stephanie turned on the radio and I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry started playing.
Mouse groaned, "I hate this song!"
Stephanie smirked at her, "Ironic."
Mouse was a little bit taken aback by this, as well as surprised. "What do you mean...?" She started to say, but Stephanie had already started the new routine. It was a lot harder than usual and a lot..... dirtier. Mouse was not fond of this routine at all, this one bothered her more than the others. The team usually didn't do routines anywhere near sexual, but this one was. Mouse tried to follow along anyway, but she hated it more than usual. After all, she had to stay on the team, otherwise, when would she be able to see Lydia? She wasn't in any of Mouse's classes.
Mouse shook her head, trying to forget the thought.
When the routine was over, Mouse said loudly, "That routine was horrible!"
Stephanie scowled at her and, smiling, Kathy said, "I loved it! It was great!"
Stephanie looked over her cheerleaders and said, "Girls?"
All of them nodded and said they liked the new routine, except for Mouse.
Stephanie turned back to Mouse, smiling evilly, "I win."
She walked off the filed and Mouse whispered, "Over my dead body."

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