Monday, February 1, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 9

At lunch the next day, Mouse sat down at the table; There was a girl with her. The girl had dark hair and bright blue eyes. Mouse was helping her to the table (the girl was limping). Geez, why are so many people suddenly sitting with us? I mean, I'm not trying to be rude, it's just weird. Mabel stopped sitting with us after Geoffry and Chris got together. 
The magical Geoffry himself didn't really sit with us as much anymore, but he sometimes did. He didn't really come over much, but he and Chris were definitely still 'together'. They always passed love notes in class, you could tell they were love notes because Chris would blush whenever he read them. It was still rather annoying, actually, but I tried hard not to let it bother me....
They had friendly arguments occasionally, like the one about whether Lady Gaga was an alien or not. Geoffry said she was and Chris went all 'oh no you didn't' on him. But enough about them, yuck...
Mouse and the new girl sat down at the table. Alice, Leo, Chris, and I waited patiently for Mouse to introduce her.
"Oh, uh, yeah." Mouse said, "She didn't have anywhere to sit.... Um, this is Lydia Wood." Hmm... It was unlike Mouse to introduce someone using both their first and last name, or anything polite, for that matter.
Lydia smiled pleasantly and said, "H-hello." Oh, I knew who she was! I hadn't recognized her at first because she was the new girl, from Alabama. She came to our school just last week and she had a speech impediment. You just learn these things when you go to my nosy school.
Alice smiled back, "Hi, I'm Alice. It's nice to meet you. New friend, Mouse?"
"Yes." Mouse said quickly, "Um- I mean... acquaintance... not really, ummm...."
Lydia blinked, looking confused. Mouse was blushing furiously, which was something that was about as common as an solar eclipse. We were all so confused....
Chris cocked his head, "Um, you okay, Mouse?" He reached across the table and put his hand on her face, "You look flushed."
Mouse backed away, saying defensively, "I'm fine!"
We all stared at her with concern and she quickly started eating her lunch.

I saw Mouse talking to Lydia again a day later, they were both wearing orange cheerleading uniforms. So that was how Mouse met her, cheerleading. I still couldn't completely gather the fact that Mouse was a cheerleader, I laugh every time I think about it.
Mouse was almost stuttering as much as Lydia, which was just beyond weird to me. Mouse was never nervous and she had never cared about anyone else's feelings before..... What was going on? Now here's a question for you, folks. What do you do when you can't get something through that thick skull of yours?..... Da da da daaa! Time to talk to Chris the Therapist!
"What the heck is going on with Mouse, Chris?" I asked my brother/therapist, "She's been acting all weird lately and.... and....."
Chris cleared his throat and I stopped talking. He nodded and said, "I know, she has been acting weird. I think those walking perfume shops have gotten her brain-washed." He turned to me, "The cheerleaders."
I nodded, "Yeah, I got that."
Chris continued, adjusting his glasses (reading glasses), "You know what's wrong with young Mouse, don't you, Angela?"
I shook my head slowly and Chris put his hand on my shoulder, sighing lightly. He said, smiling, "I think our Mousey just might have a little crush."
I was surprised to hear this, "On Lydia?"
Chris nodded, "Maybe so. That's the only thing I can think of."
I thought about this, not knowing what to say. I hadn't even considered the thought, I had sometimes wondered if Mouse was asexual (not attracted to either boys or girls), but I had never thought......
"Are you sure?" I asked Chris.
He shook his head, "Of course not, it's just an educated guess. I could be completely wrong, I could be exactly right, I could be somewhere in between."
I sighed, my brain was racing. "I'll see you on the bus, Chris."
"What?" Chris said as I stood up, "Don't you want to stay and chat?"
"Thanks, but no thanks, Chris." I said. I had had enough of this and just wanted to think about something else. 

Was Mouse in love with Lydia? That would be weird.... And why pick Lydia out of all people?

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