Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 18 - CHAPTER 2

Mouse heard a knock on her door and quickly stuffed her cheerleading uniform under her bed, taking out a bag of chips from her drawer and sprawling lazily on her bed. 
"What?" She said loudly. 
Leo opened the door and stuck his head in, "Hey, what's up?"
"Eating." Mouse said, turning on the T.V. and trying to look busy. 
Leo studied her for a minute and came into the room, sitting on Mouse's bed. Mouse continued watching the T.V., ignoring Leo. Noticing that he hadn't left yet, Mouse turned to him,
Leo studied his step sister's face for a bit, looking her in the eyes.
Feeling extremely uncomfortable, Mouse said, "What?" 
When Leo didn't answer, she said, louder, "What??"
After a few seconds, Leo blinked, stood up, and left the room. Mouse blinked and went back to her T.V. show. Well, that was weird. She thought.
A few minutes later, Leo poked his head through the doorway again and said, "So, Mousey. Are you going to cheerleading practice tomorrow? You can't go unless you fix that uniform."
Without looking away from the T.V., Mouse picked up the remote and pointed it at Leo. She pressed the power button on it (She had pretty much memorized all of the buttons and therefore did not need to look at the remote to carry out this action).
"Why won't you go away?" Mouse said, sounding annoyed and hitting the remote, "Stupid remote!"
Leo smirked and said, "So, practice tomorrow?"
Mouse sighed and reluctantly stood up, walking toward Leo. She gestured for him to bend down so she could whisper in his ear.
"If you don't stop asking me about that," Mouse whispered, "Then I'll send a virus to your computer."
Leo stood back up and studied Mouse, "Yeah?"
Mouse nodded, her eyes wide, "Pretty cool secret, eh?"
With that, Mouse went back to her bed and continued watching T.V. 
Seeing no other opportunities for information, Leo left the room, feeling like a failure. He hadn't made Mouse uncomfortable, he hadn't gained any useful knowledge, and he hadn't been hit in the head or crotch with anything.

Well, there was still time. He could try again tomorrow.

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