Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 17 - CHAPTER 4

Since everyone was kind of mad at me about the whole hike thing, I decided to let them pick our next destination. I was kind of shocked that they didn't pick staying at a hotel. Oh, wait, they didn't know about that hotel.... Shh, don't tell.
Geoffry suggested going to the beach a couple miles away from camp. We went, which seemed a little pointless. Chris can't swim and I knew Alice wouldn't wear a swimsuit, especially in front of Geoffry. She hadn't known him for very long and hated the idea of swimsuits in general (Ah, so modest).
At the beach, I sat in the water, enjoying the water and nice weather. I was kind of going to be swimming alone. I mean, Geoffry was supposedly going to swim too, but I don't care 
about him. 
Chris and Alice sat side-by-side in the exact same position in their lawn chairs. They both had on sunglasses and fashion magazines. Classic.
And then Geoffry came out....
My jaw dropped and I cringed. Oh no.... I knew it, I knew he was a creep. 
"Hey, Chris." Geoffry grinned stupidly. Chris looked up from his magazine and gaped at Geoffry, who was wearing a speedo. I would've cracked up, but I was in too much shock for that.
Chris's face flushed and he closed his eyes, "Um.... Hi, Geoffry."
Geoffry grinned more and Chris said, his eyes still closed, "Um, Sweetie? What... What are you wearing?"
Geoffry smirked at Chris, reminding me of Leo, "You like it?"
Chris's face reddened more and he tried to find a way to answer, "Uhhh......"
Alice glanced at Chris nervously, feeling sorry for him. 
Geoffry cocked his head to the side, "Where's your swimsuit? Don't you want to go swimming, Babe?"
I almost died laughing. Geoffry called Chris 'Babe'! Hahahaha- Wait. Oh no, he did not! I tried to be mad, but I was laughing too hard.
Chris blushed even more as Speedo Geoffry grinned at him. He took a deep breath and said, "Sorry, Geoffry. I don't swim."
Geoffry looked disappointed, but he soon smiled again, "Okay then, I can just come sit by you guys."
Chris opened his mouth to protest, but Geoffry sat down next to him, sitting really.... weirdly.
Chris's face was red as a red bell pepper now. He turned to Alice, smiling nervously, 
"Hey, Alice. Do you want to go get a pretzel?"
Alice shook her head, "No thanks, Chris. I had a big lunch."
Chris clenched his teeth, his eyes wide and desperate, "Hey, Alice." He repeated, speaking very clearly, "I bet you want to go get a pretzel, don't you?"
Alice glanced at Geoffry and nodded, making an 'oh' face, "O-okay, sure, I'm really hungry all of a sudden." 
Why is everyone I know so bad at lying?
Geoffry stood up along with them, "Oh, I like pretzels. I'll come with you."
"No!" Chris said suddenly, blushing at his own rudeness, "Um, I mean...." He laughed, "You don't like pretzels, Geoffry."
Chris tried as hard as he could to stay focused on Geoffry's face, but Speedos seem to have this awkward, unappealing spell....
Geoffry cocked his head stupidly and Chris smiled sweetly at him, "Good boy."
Chris patted Geoffry's head and turned to follow Alice to the snack bar. Geoffry sat down, but after thinking for a second, called to them, "Hey... I like pretzels. I should go get one."
"Oh, I'll get you one, Honey!" Chris called to him, clenching his teeth and blushing furiously. Geoffry came and stood by me, "Mind if I join you?"
I tried not to grimace and reluctantly shook my head. Geoffry splashed around stupidly in the water until Alice and Chris got back.
Geoffry went and sat down by Chris, taking a pretzel, "Thanks, Chris." He smiled stupidly and Chris smiled back a little. As awkward as the situation was, he still loved Geoffry.
They sat in silence for a while and I pretended to be playing in the water, but I wanted to see what would happen. I felt kind of heartless. Well, at least I have a good sense of humor.
Geoffry lightly grasped Chris's thigh with his hand and Chris whirled around in alarm, "What?"
Geoffry giggled, "That was funny."
What a genius. Great taste in men, Chris. He's a keeper!
Not much else happened at the beach. We went back to camp and we all seemed to forget the whole thing. Chris was instantly back to holding Geoffry's hand and chattering stupidly to him. Uhg. Well, I can't say it isn't better then Geoffry in a Speedo.

We survived two days of camping. Let's see how long we can go before we crack.

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