Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 17 - CHAPTER 8

We actually didn't do much that day, we mostly sat around the campsite and listened to Chris, Geoffry, and Alice blab about pointless sh- Oh, wait, that's just me. I need to get at least one of my friends back. My brother would be a little bit harder to get back, so I think I'll try Alice first. I couldn't believe I was really thinking this, but I was afraid the only way to get Alice to snap out of Geoffry's spell would be to.... *gulp* make Chris and Geoffry closer.
That evening, we all sat around our campfire (in which Mister Wonderful had cheerily built). 
I smiled, "You know what? I think we should sing some campfire songs!" Half of me really wished this would work, half of me really didn't.
Chris and Geoffry started singing one of their stupid songs that they somehow both knew. "Sweet little bumblebee, more than just a fantasy! Dup-i-dup-i-doo la da! Dup-i-dup-i-doo la da! My heart skips a beat when you walk in the room...."
Crap, it was working. Alice smiled awkwardly and sat down next to me.
"Oh," She said, looking a little embarrassed, "I don't know that one."
Now Chris and Geoffry were taking turns singing. "I go boom boom boom you go zoom zoom zoom!" Chris sang cheerily. Gee, I wonder who picked the song! Geoffry, perhaps?
I glared a chilling glare at Geoffry as he sang, "You're my playboy, play toy, love you, my friend." 
Chris and Geoffry sang together, "I wanna be with you until the end!" Oh, please. Was there no other way to solve my problem? Their problem, actually. What were they going to sing next? 
"Hi, My Name Is Geoffry, The Creep Who Wants To Steal Your Brother"? Wow, that's a mouthfull!
Geoffry and Chris sang a few more songs that, luckily, Alice didn't know. My plan was working. I let it go on for a while, hoping Alice would get sick of them and come to my side, but I stopped the concert when they starting singing, "Milkshake" by Kelis.
I went to bed that night, eager for the morning to come so we could LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!! Oh, why did I ever agree to coming on this trip? Maybe it was that sad look on Chris's face when I said 'no'. Curse that baby face of his.

In the morning we packed up and got into Alice's Pinto to go home. I almost peed myself, I was so excited. Then I remembered that I was stuck with four and a half hours of Chris and Geoffry in a bite-size car..... and they would probably be singing.
After we had been on the road for about twenty minutes, I noticed that Alice was looking in the rear view mirror at Chris and Geoffry almost as much as I was. She looked sad.... almost left out. I tried not to grin to myself; My plan was working.
Alice and I looked in the mirror at the same time, seeing that Chris had his head on Geoffry's shoulder and they were holding hands. They were talking too quietly for us to hear, which is funny because Alice's car is so small that you would think you could hear a pin drop on the carpet.
"So...." I said kind of loudly, trying to make some sort of conversation, "Hey, Chris."
I turned around in my seat, beaming at Chris, who looked annoyed. Hmm... Now I didn't know what to say.
"What's your favorite color?" Crap, that was really the best I could come up with?
Chris raised an eyebrow at me and he let Geoffry put his arm around his waist. I clenched my teeth, but smiled tightly, "Mm? It's not a very difficult question, Chris. You're smart enough to have skipped a grade, you can answer this question."
Chris shrugged, "Blue? I don't know...."
I turned to Geoffry, resting my chin in my hands and fluttering my eyelashes, just because I knew it would bug Chris, "What about you, Geoffry?"
Chris looked really pissed and jealous. Perfect. Making Chris jealous hadn't originally been a part of the plan, but I figured if he got jealous, then he and Geoffry would just get closer. I hated making them closer, but it seemed to be the only way to get Alice back completely. After I had Alice back, I would try for Chris. No, I would get Chris back whether Geoffry liked it or not.
Geoffry blinked, "Um... My favorite color?"
I nodded, grinning and happy to have made Geoffry feel uncomfortable. Geoffry looked at Chris and then back at me and said, "Um.... I like blue, too. I-I guess I like green."
The smile faded from my face. Crap, green was my favorite. Time to change my favorite color.
I turned back around and said to Alice, "What about you, Allie?"
Alice glanced at me, looking confused. Chris was usually the only one to call her 'Allie'. "Um, I like pink.... and yellow."
I smiled cheerily and, taking notice that no one else had anything to say, starting singing loudly, "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves!"
Chris, Geoffry, and Alice all sighed at the same time and I stopped singing. 
"Is something wrong?" I said stupidly.
Geoffry turned to Chris, grinning charmingly, "So, who exactly is this 'everybody' person and why does that song get on his nerves so?"
Chris started laughing and playfully slapped Geoffry's shoulder, "Oh, Geoffry! You're so funny!"
I didn't think it was that funny.
Alice chuckled and I involuntarily shot a look at her. I watched Chris laugh and I watched Geoffry smile. I must say, they were really cute together, but I didn't know why. What was it about Chris and Geoffry that made them so perfect for each other? They were nothing alike. I studied Chris's button-up shirt and knee-length khaki shorts, his perfectly combed light brown hair. I studied Geoffry's blonde dreadlocks and weird clothes. Like I said before, I don't care enough about Geoffry to really describe him, but let's just say his clothes were a lot more mismatched and a lot more skimpy than what Chris was wearing. Now, enough about appearance. They have completely different personalities! Chris is so pristine and modest and sweet and kind and lovable, while Geoffry is so.... Well, some people think he's sweet and kind and lovable, but he's not! Not in reality! As you know from the whole *shiver* speedo incident, Geoffry is not modest. They're just different. How are they together?
Well, I'm glad I had picked a mission as easy as getting Chris and Geoffry closer to each other. Breaking them up would be unbearably hard. I just can't get it through my brain how they are possibly together..... Have a made that clear enough?
I went on asking everyone weird, stupid questions. I kind of forgot my mission on and off throughout the car ride. Every time Geoffry would try to kiss Chris or put his arm around Chris's waist for more than a second or anything like that, I would do something loud and obnoxious to stop him (which, predictably, made Geoffry very frustrated and made me very happy. Geoffry did a good job hiding his anger from Chris, though). I tried to talk to Alice as much as I possibly could, discretely stealing her away from her conversations with Geoffry. I didn't mind if she talked to Chris. After all, they were best friends.
Alice also tried hard to get involved in conversations with Chris, which made my job harder because Chris spent all of his time talking to Geoffry.
After about three hours, when it was dark, Chris and Geoffry fell asleep. Chris had his head leaned on Geoffry's shoulder, which killed me a little to see him sleeping like that. That was how he would always sleep when we were little; With his head on my shoulder.
I started to nod off, but I promised Alice I would stay awake with her. 
We got home at about one in the morning. I took sleeping Chris from Geoffry's lap before Geoffry could do something stupid and romantic like carry Chris to his room. I said goodnight to Alice, who was taking Geoffry home (She's like that, always offering to do favors for people). Not wanting to wake up Mom and Dad, I carried my brother, who was sleeping peacefully, to his room and walked to my own. I collapsed on my bed, dog tired. 

And so dang thankful to be anywhere away from Geoffry.

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